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Shooting Kabul

No description

Lauren Robb

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Shooting Kabul

Shooting Kabul
by: N.H. Senzai

Main Character- Fadi
Father- Habib
Mother- Zafoona
Sister- Noor
Sister- Mariam
Main setting- San Francisco
Minor settings- Kabul, Afghanistan
Main Idea/Theme
The book is about Fadi trying to win a photo contest so that he could fly to Afghanistan and get his six year old sister back who was left in Afghanistan when the taliban came and interrupted their escape.

The major theme is responsibility because Fadi feels responsible for leaving Mariam his sister in Afghanistan.
This is realistic fiction because it could happen in real life and it is partly based on a real story.

Now let me read you a passage from the book... it's a flashback.
I would recommend this book to lots of different people. I would recommend it because....it has some hard issues but also some funny stuff. People would probably find Fadi likable. So, give it a try!
Favourite Part
My favourite part was when Fadi tried to sneak on to an airplane and got stuck in his fathers taxi trunk.

It was my favourite part because it was funny and it showed how determined Fadi was.
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