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Jenna Martindale, Realtor

My Marketing Plan.

Jenna Martindale

on 6 July 2013

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Transcript of Jenna Martindale, Realtor

Strong Roots
Sprinkling on a little extra
Branching Out
We've Got You Covered
Fruits of Labor
Core Product
A marketing plan is only as strong as the product it's promoting, which means your property needs to be in tip top "showing shape"! This means, de-clutter, clean, and make any necessary repairs.

Now your property is ready for the first OPEN HOUSE! Open houses are vital for creating awareness and interest for buyers who aren't already working with a Realtor.
My marketing plan is rooted on 3 basic components and grows from that point.

1. Providing extensive & accurate information about your property for potential buyers is vital.
2. Stunning photos are a must considering the number of people doing their search for homes online.
3. Lastly, these two components must be exposed in the MLS (multiple listing service) & other outlets ACCURATELY.
A majority of Edina Realty listings are sold by an Edina Realty agent because we do things different here...

We believe in NETWORKING and we do it through weekly meetings, agent tours, and NETWORK ONE - a pre-listing network that is exclusive to Edina Realty.
Roots to Success
I'm all about maximum exposure & social media helps me promote my listings to the fullest! Below are a few of the outlets I utilize!
At Edina Realty we go beyond the sale, offering a variety of products and services to enhance your home buying, selling, & ownership experience.
The level of service that I provide before, during, & after the transaction is truly unsurpassed. Let me prove it to you.
Just like a tree can only thrive with
strong roots, your home is not likely to sell without a strong marketing plan.
Mortgage Lender
Edina Realty Title
Home Warranty
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