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Wendy Mass

Author Study

Emma Lonnberg

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Wendy Mass

Author Study Wendy Mass By: Emma Lonnberg A Mango Shaped Space A Mango Shaped Space is about a girl named Mia. She has something different about her that she doesn't like. She has synesthesia, which means that you see names, number, sounds, and even music in colors. Mia learns to deal with the fact that she will probably have this all of her life. But first, she will have to go through a tough time to realize it. The Candy Makers The Candy Makers is about a boy named Logan. He has lived in a chocolate factory his whole life. His dad is the head candy maker, and with the candy making competition coming up, everyone expects him to win it. To put even more pressure on him, someone is trying to steal the secret recipe. Logan and his new friends, who are competing to win the candy making contest too, are trying to figure out who is trying to steal the secret recipe. I read two of the many good books by Wendy Mass called The Candy Makers, and A Mango Shaped Space. 5 qualities of the authors writing style 1: Both of the characters are about the same age.
2: Both of the beginning of the books' chapters begin with only numbers.
3: On average, both of the chapters are about 16 pages long.
4: Both of the characters in the books really like animals.
5: Both of the books' settings take place at a business at one point. 5 facts about Wendy Mass's life 1: When Wendy was a kid, she and her best friend use to compete to see who could read more books.
2: Wendy grew up in Livingston, New Jersey, and is still living there only in the countryside of New Jersey.
3: She has twins.
4: Wendy has managed to put the names of her past cats into most of her books.
5: She loves to hike. One quote from Wendy is, "I don't think my characters are really so unique- only the way that people are unique." Information from:





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