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All about me!!!!

No description

RJ Butler

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of All about me!!!!

My name is RJ Butler and I was born on March 6, 2001. I was born in Show Low, AZ and lived there for three days. Show Low is 90 miles away from My home town. My home town is Payson, AZ. I went to P.E.S from 1st grade-4th grade and went to J.R.E in fifth grade. Now I am here at Rim Country Middle School. When I grow up I want to send a rover to Saturn. Then I will party on the bottom of the ocean with Great white sharks (that will probably never happen). If I don't accomplish my dream then I will make video games or draw halo figures. I had five dogs but two died. My most favorite dog ever is Duke. He was so big that my mom thought he was going to eat me as a snack. My dogs are not german shepherds but I wish they were. My most favorite teacher is Mrs. Lorenz. Every Wednesday I go gardening with Mrs. Lorenz and some of my friends. I am growing tomato's and patty pan squashes. I have two cats. I will tell you about both of my cats. One cats name is Chet chet. He is black and White with a light pink nose. The other cat's name is Mrs. Kitty. She is all white and is scared of every thing. I can't wait to be Christ number one fan. I try to go to church every Sunday. My most favorite movie is Reel Steel. I like to act like I am Adam. Another part I like in the movie is when Adam does a superman to Zeus. My most favorite subject is science. My imagination is very creative. My home planet is Titan a moon of Saturn. When it hails it hails the size of refrigerators. My most favorite color is orange and my most favorite vehicle is a dirt bike. All though I have not ridden on any kind of motored bike. I play baseball all over the state. I have played Winslow, Phoenix and Flagstaff. My cousin and I love to play tech deck.I have 26 finger skate boards. I love to go swimming at the lake. My dad, my mom and I go out on Sundays to go in the canoe. My favorite board game is Monopoly. My most favorite board piece is the car. For Christmas my friend gave us a assume TV. I collect pokemon cards. I have 190 cards including the one below. My 2ND most favorite food is ice cream. My mom buys this sliced strawberry that make the ice cream so good. My most favorite book is Midnight, Warriors. I am on page 86 and a week in the book. My most favorite food is green beans(that was sarcasm). Please look at the picture. The most important man is my Dad. He did this for a living. He has saw great white sharks that were 20 feet long. My most favorite video game is Halo. The most Funnest ship is the banshee. My most favorite band is Mercy me. They sing about god. I live in Houston mesa. I can't wait to see my grade. This is my last slide I hope you enjoied it. Where I Was Born My Cats My Dogs My garden I Love God When I grow up Favorite movie Science dirt bike Baseball teach deck Swimming Games
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