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Is it art?

No description

Kaylene Rudd

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Is it art?

Is it art?
Analysis of Art

A piece of art can usually be effectively analyzed in terms of: content, composition, process, personal opinion.

The proper use of elements and principles of design also determine if something can be called art.

What are the elements and principles of design?

Why does this matter when we are discussing sculpture?
We are going to view excellent examples of 3D artwork created with material not considered "expensive", fancy or typical for artists to use. These artists force people to reconsider their ideas of art and the value they place on objects.

You all will be creating sculpture using found or recycled materials. Make sure your DWB is out and ready to use. You will be selecting one sculptor to write a reflection on (page 27).
Intention Theory
Art must be intentional.

Why is a sunset not art?

Art is a combination of beauty and aesthetics that requires a response.

Criticisms of the theory:

Intending something to be art does not mean it is art.
Something intended as art may not be popular and something not intended as art may be treated as such.
Response of Spectator Theory:
The general public or experts?
Changes of response over time
Quality of Work Theory
Closely linked to skill
Technically competent
Should be made by someone with talent or training (think, Renaissance artists)


May have technical competence but lack originality [Link: Fighting Forgery in the Art World]
Forgeries require technical ability
May have originality but lack skill

1.Can something be a great piece of art if it is disturbing or ugly?
2.Why is an exact copy of a painting worth far less than the original? Can this difference be justified, or is it an irrational prejudice?

Do you think expert opinion is more problematic in the arts or in sciences?
Other views of what Art is:

Art as an expression of emotion

Art imitates the world

Art teaches us what is right

Art offers us an insight into the human condition

What characteristics define an item as art?
There are 3 theories made to define whether something is a piece of art:

Intentions of the artist

Quality of the work

Response of spectators
“Art is a lie that brings us closer to the truth”
– Pablo Picasso

"What Came First?" Kyle Bean, Eggshells
Ever shocked by the beauty of toilet paper rolls, or saw the chicken formed by the egg shells, or witnessed coolest lion made by tires? Heck, all of them are even made by common things you discarded every day, and they are known as recycled art.
Book Igloo at the Olympics
Street Artist Joshua Allen Harris
Derek Gores, collage artist
Uses magazines, advertisements and
other discarded paper goods.
Robert Bradford
Erika Iris Simmons
Miwa Koizumi
Nick Gentry, Mixed Media Paintngs and Sculpture
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