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Definition, Importance and Challenges faced

Kaye Cebele Gonzales

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Estuaries

Importance of Estuaries What is an Estuary? The word estuary is derived from the Latin word "aestuarium" meaning tidal inlet of the sea, which in itself is derived from the term "aestus", meaning tide. Estuary :)) The estuarine environment is characterized by a constant mixing of freshwater, saline seawater, and sediment, which is carried into the estuary from the sea and land. about Estuaries A semi-enclosed coastal body of water, which has a free connection with the open sea, and within sea water is measurably diluted with freshwater derived from land drainage Definition Large numbers of bacteria, fungi and protozoa have been found in estuaries and benthic sediments. Estuaries provide valuable environmental services. Thousands of species of fish, shore birds, marine mammals, clams, shellfish and other wildlife survive in and around estuarine habitats. Estuarine plants also can
absorb tide and storm surges. What Challenges Do
Our Estuaries Face? Too many nutrients Toxic Chemicals Invasive Species Pathogens Changes in Waterflow Habitat loss and change by: Kaye Cebele Gonzales The productivity and variety of estuarine habitats support a wonderful abundance and diversity of species. The transition character of estuaries provides important research value for scientists.
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