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Company Profile 2013

Branding as a Key ingredient for effective Internal Communications

Works Group

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Company Profile 2013

Who we are
Our Approach
When marketing has turned you
BRAND Navigator™ are Brand Custodians focusing on
established B2B companies. Established in 2005, our depth of knowledge in the various marketing communication disciplines, allows us to identify your requirements over and above your actual brief. Our goal is to manage your brand efficiently to maximise opportunities within your respective market. We approach every customer as if it were our own business, our perspective is one of “vested interest”.
BRAND Navigator™ has a customer centric approach. With a firm grasp of various marketing disciplines, we use a network of
specialists to help you achieve your objectives. Looking at your goals, budget, industry and company culture, we work with you to
build a customised solution or road map for your marketing. We facilitate projects in the following areas of marketing but are not
biased to any, providing you with an objective perspective with regards to your marketing.
Presentation Tools
Tender Documents
Annual Reports
Public Relations
Copy writing
Proofing and Editing
Reputation Management
Web Design and Development
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Vehicle Branding
Corporate Clothing
Corporate Gifts
Promotional Items
Insights |
Understanding the nuts and bolts of your business is critical to accurately identify where we can add value. We look at your business objectively from your management team, general staff, customers and sometimes suppliers’ point of view. We have a number of methods extracting these perspectives to ensure a more effective plan.
BRAND Navigator™ implements visible value through our approach, skill and insight. We will enable your company to bridge any gaps between perception and reality, creating an accurate and effective message to market. We are confident this serves as a starting point to a mutually beneficial journey.
The Way forward
Logo Development
Brand Alignment
External Insights
Brand Guidelines
Graphic Design
Corporate Stationery
Microsoft Documents
In many cases companies are doing the right marketing activities, but we often find a general lack of consistency across branding material. We address all the critical issues to maximise your future marketing activity.
This division focuses on the branded products required when implementing a marketing
plan. This would include services such as uniforms, vehicle branding and corporate gifts.

We offer all of our services to clients on a project-to-project basis while still keeping a holistic view of your brand to ensure all the components work together. We work comfortably within your existing supplier relationships. Our goal is to add value - not tip the apple cart.
What works for YOU?
It's far more effective doing it RIGHT the first time!
BRANDED Collection
Level 4 BEE
since 2005

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Planning |
Depending on your needs, budget and priorities we work with you to build a dynamic yet simple strategic plan or road map for your business.
BEE Level 4
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