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Emotional Intelligence and knowledge through emotion


tati rooney

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Emotional Intelligence and knowledge through emotion

It is upbringing? Girls Is empathy a type of knowledge? Yes Emtional Intelligence and knwoledge through emotion Are women more emotionally
intelligent than men? Accepted healthy beneficial expected Unmanly

'manup' Eexpected to 'stay strong' - crying looks weak Not socially accepted http://intranet.wellingtoncollege.org.uk/Resources/Site%201%20-%20intranet/Section%20107%20-%20Subjects/Section%20395%20-%20Theory%20of%20Knowledge/Interesting%20Articles/Daniel%20Goleman%20Women%20and%20Men%20Emotional%20Intelligence.pdf No Insight knowledge would
remain unknown with-
-out it Feeling Unlearnt Is it as important as scientific or technical knowledge? Yes No Skill Unlearnt Useful Useless alone Requires other suffering Boys Knowledge through emotion is not knowledge Instinct? Knowledge is information gained or learnt Does emotion count? Yes you gain information
through sensing other's emotions emotion is a reaction- answer? emotion is not always there- it comes and goes so is technically gained like knowledge No Cannot be learnt Cannot be summoned when wanted like knowledge emotions are not facts- knowledge is the certainty of a fact(s)
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