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Comparing Poems with the Same Universal Theme

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Barbara Tollison

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Comparing Poems with the Same Universal Theme

A Theme that is seen again and again throughout time, cultures, genres, and places.

Some Common Themes:
Loss of Love

(See the Word Cloud for More)
One Poem MUST be From the
Literature and Language Arts

The Second Poem can be from the Internet, a source you have at home, a musical lyric, or another textbook.

BOTH Poems MUST share a Universal Theme

You MUST Print out the Poems for me to approve by this BLOCK DAY>
Step 1: Choose 2 Poems
Step 2:
Plan your Thoughts
WRITE ON and ANNOTATE Each poem, showing close, repeated readings. Write what the poem is about on the page.

Do a TPCASTT For Each Poem

Write a TAG (Title Author Genre) Statement and a Paraphrase of each Poem.

Write a clear, usable Thesis Statement that shows the relationship between the two poems and which poetic devices you will demonstrate in your essay.
Step 3: Create a Presentation
Types of Presentations:

Rules for the Poems
1. NO Profane or Obscene Language!!!! This includes racial/ethnic or sexual slurs.

2. No extreme violence, especially language of violence against women or children.

3. NO Gangsta, glorification of violence, or similar themes.

4. NO Drug or Alcohol References.

5. Whatever you choose must have some poetic form: figurative language, rhyme, rhythm, theme. You need to have something to identify in your essay.

Barbara Tollison, SMHS
Comparing Poems with the Same Universal Theme
To Choose a Poem:
Poetry Websites where you can search by theme:


Step 4:
Present your Learning
Don't just do a Power Point and upload it. I need to hear you narrate, add music, or find some other way to creatively share your knowledge with the class.
Upload your Presentation:
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