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2014 Year In Review

No description

Meghan Gillespie

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Year In Review

Beaver Burials, Bee Condo's, Bird Boxes, Electro-fishing and lots of animal sitings!
Creatures Around LSG
The Seasons at LSG
Specials Days
Thursday December 18, 2014

Lake St. George FC
New and Familiar Faces at LSG
Thank you St. Margaret C.S.
LSG Serenaded
LSG's new RA: Emma
2014 Year In Review
Birthday Celebrations
So Long Joey
LSG Bids Farewell to Joey
Emma Learning the Ropes
Welcome Alex
LSG Welcomes Alex
LSG's Co-op Student: Luke
Welcome Luke
A jack of all trades
Lesley doesn't always like her picture being taken . . .
Familiar Faces
See you in a while . . . .Nicole
What Does Andrew do at LSG?
Other Happenings Around LSG
Boat Launch 2014!
EcoCentres PD- Wynne'd and Water
Jake Gets a New Ride
LSG Represents during the Oak Ridges Moraine Relay
See you next year Nicole!
New Enviroleaders Signage for the dorms!
Almost 1,300 twitter followers!
New Improvements Thanks to the Stouffville Students
It was a busy summer at LSG!
Kai Warren Rodhouse
CYL Stewardship . . . New Benches!
Harbourfront Birdhouses
YMCA Stewardship
New Bench
New Bridge
New Steps
CYL Achieved Zero Food Waste FOUR weeks in a row!
Ian, Katie and Savannah welcome
Kai Warren Rodhouse!
Taking a moment to reflect on Remembrance Day
Ropes Training

Ice Storm Cleanup
Ski Trail Clearing
GPS Greencheck with Grade 11 and 12 students
Footprint Signage Completed and Mounted!
Looks Great Luke!
Happy Holidays to you and yours from the LSG team!
LSG Becomes a Gold Certified Ontario EcoCentre
Things that warm our hearts . . .
2,941 participants
483 leaders over 9 weeks
79 participants and 17 leaders
over 5 weeks
140 participants and 35 leaders
over 6 weeks
By the Numbers
January 2014 - December 2014
3,332 Students
236 Teachers
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