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Rainforest Deforestation

No description

Eryka Swank

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Rainforest Deforestation

President of Brazil Paige O'Connor U.S. Ambassador to Brazil World Bank Rep. Eryka Swank, Spokesman Mining is one way Brazil generates its income. Logging in Brazil 20% of Earth's Oxygen Species
11,000 mammals & birds
30 mil. insects
3,000 fish (highest) "Lungs of the Earth" Eryka Swank
Spokesman 1995 Logging is a large part of Brazil's
Economy due to the Amazon. Orchids 1.Harmful to forest

2.Chemicals/pollutants released hurt rivers

3.Mining; good source of income Example of large forest areas cut down for mining. Mining in Brazil Brazil Economy Factor-Logging 1.Logging from amazon

2.Makes lots of money

3.Legal trees cut down can regrow

4.Illegal trees cut down are gone forever Wood grown in Brazil should be certified, meaning watched, grown and cut carefully. EACH YEAR THE AMAZON LOSES A CHUNK OF FOREST THE SIZE OF DELAWARE. Forests cleared for crops and cattle 1. Soybeans & Cattle raising brings income 2. Forests cleared for these factors of income You can see that a forest was cleared out for cattle because of the trees in the background. This large area of forest was cleared out for soybean production. Our goals(World Bank) The World Trade Organization Agricultural Practice hidden text is hidden. The Social Impact Flora of world plant species 22% Fauna 3. Instead of cutting forests, use cleared land Allows countries to take necessary measures to protect their rainforests

Countries can restrict trade to protect environment and conserve resources 30 million people 350 tribes Corporations and Illegal Practices Rainforest Action Network Mahogany Another goal is to reduce poverty for local farmers Our actions 1.Help anti-deforestation organizations

2. Fund most organizations

3.We cannot directly do anything to stop deforestation Shivam PROJECT AT-A-GLANCE

Project ID: P114810

Country: Brazil

Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Status: Active

Approval Date(as of board presentation): FEB 23, 2012

Closing Date: NOV 30, 2015

Total Project Cost**: US$ 85.89 million

Commitment Amount US$: 0.00 million

Team Leader: Adriana Moreira Amazon Region Protected Areas Program Phase II Brazil's Economy Paige O'Connor Solutions

Environmental Police
Sustainable Farming Problems
Clearing Biodiversity Deforestation WTO members do their part in protecting rainforests Set up economies so countries don't have to rely on rainforests SLASH AND BURN METHOD INTENSIVE AGRICULTURE CATTLE PASTURES SELECTIVE LOGGING CLEAR-CUT LOGGING PERENNIAL SHADE AGRICULTURE Less than 50 years More than 50 years Less than 50 years 20 Years More than 50 years More than 50 years Pesticides Not many trees cut Trees are left Left quickly Soil degrades Nothing left Priority- making trade easier Improves as deforestation increases Global Economy Deforestation Increases
Lower soy prices
Lower beef prices
Economy will improve Global Ecology Higher ocean levels Less rain
More erosion
Smaller rainforest biodiversity
Human health Brazil's Ecology
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