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The Right Accommodations

Overview of NC testing accommodations for students with disabilites

Deb Neal

on 16 February 2012

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Transcript of The Right Accommodations

1. WHY DO WE NEED ACCOMMODATIONS? 2. What are the most used accommodations and abbreviations? To level the playing field for all students or equal access and opportunity to perform Testing in a Separate Room Abbreviations used on rosters SS (separate setting) Scheduled Extended Time Test Administrator Reads Test Aloud ET (extended time) Student Marks Answers in Test Book RA (read aloud) MIB (marks in book) Test Administrator Reads Test Aloud upon request RAur (read aloud upon request) 4. What do these accommodations mean? 5. How will I know what accommodation to use? 6. What paperwork is involved in testing? 3. What are less common accommodations? Testing Rosters
EC Pullout list Accommodations Monitoring Form Refusal to Follow Test Mods Assistive Technology Device Braille Edition or Writer Dictation to a Scribe Hospital/Home Testing Keyboarding Devices Large Print Edition Magnification Devices Multiple Testing Sessions MS (multiple sessions) One test item per page Student Reads Test Aloud to Self Cranmer Abacus Interpreter/Signs/Cues Test Defining Accommodations Assistive Technology Device - numerous devices such as computers, handheld devices, large key calculators, amplification devices, keyboarding devices, magnification devices, etc. may be used with strict parameters and must be used regularly in the classroom Braille Edition/Writer - self explanatory Dictation to a scribe - dictates answers to an adult that records them; most often used on writing prompts Large print edition - specially ordered test on 11 x 17 paper using Verdana 22 - 33 point font interpreter/Signs/Cues test - only for math and science
- would need permission from LEA testing coordinator to use Multiple Testing Sessions - either breaks set at specified intervals (e.g. -20 minutes) or specified as multiple sessions over days Scheduled Extended Time - time after the regular testing has ended; students may test up until the end of the school day with time for them to be dismissed regularly. Students must be allowed to eat lunch but not converse with peers...if talking to peers the test book will be paper-clipped and the student cannot go back to the pages already completed. Student Marks Answers in Test Book -
name and NCWise written on cover of test
do NOT receive their scan sheet
circles answer in the test booklet
let students know prior to test to ignore directions about scan sheet
or other adults must transfer answers in groups of 3 (or more) to the scan sheet
transfer verified by second person
transferring answers and verifing must sign test book cover and a verification sheet Student Reads Test Aloud to Self -
just as it says and student would test alone with
administrator and proctor Test Administrator Reads Test Aloud - (math and science only)
Administrator must:
read one test item and answer choices and wait for student to answer
read items in consistent manner
always read the item number
repeat the item if asked
read all signs and symbols in math
NOT read aloud information that provides the student with the answer Testing in A Separate Room - can be stated as one-on-one or small group defined as 10 or less students THE RIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS


PAPERWORK MOUNTAIN Read aloud issue:
"Which digit is in the hundreds place in the number 2,345?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Administrator would read the number aloud as "two-comma-three-four-five" instead of "two thousand three hundred forty-five."
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