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How to Interview Effectively

MGMT 390 presentation

Karis Gutierrez

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of How to Interview Effectively

During After
Preparing for an interview Before
You have found the job you are looking for through
much research.
Send your most important assest, your resume.
You've applied and you got the interview! Now what? Your professional attire is the 1st
thing you should pick out. Be prepared and research the company
you have applied for. Lastly, plan your interview day out.
Send thank you notes, preferably written ones. Follow up with the company after a week but
don't be bothersome. How to present yourself in the interview. Manners matter! Believe in yourself. Tell them what they want to hear. Be the best you. Expect the unexpected. You have now successfully
mastered the interview! Congratulations
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