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Tyler Gould

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of FIRES

FIRES By: Nick V. Tyler G. Official count of lakes more than ten acres (40,000 m) in size is approximately 11,842 lakes.

This is a fact because it is a short story, also Minnesota is known to have 10,000 lakes 0.00211112987671% of the lakes in Minnesota are over 1,000 acres.

This is a Statistic because it has numbers and they are true. "Minnesota received its most widely know sobriquet, "The Gopher State," from the striped gopher, a common species throughout our prairie region." It seems that there was some discussion in the middle of the 19th century, before Minnesota became a state, about whether to call Minnesota "The Gopher State" or "The Beaver State." Opponents of "The Gopher State" called the striped gopher an insignificant animal with a destructive nature. The striped gopher was too useless and undignified to represent the future great state of Minnesota. Opponents of "The Beaver State" argued that the beaver, while numerous in streams, was not abundant enough to represent to whole of Minnesota. A political cartoon, widely circulated throughout the territory, gave wider exposure to the gopher and "The Beaver State" faded into history People should fish in Minnesota because Minnesota has a lot of lakes which provide a lot of fish for fishers. 3 examples of fish in Minnesota are...: Northern Largemouth Bass Sunfish These were examples because it lists some of Minnesota fish.
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