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Why the Bachelor is so Stupid

No description

Myna Simmons

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Why the Bachelor is so Stupid

What is it?
Television dating game show
1 male, 25 females
series of dates
girls get eliminated
gets a wife
How Many People Watch It.
8.33 Million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why Its Stupid
Its Fake
people on the show say it was fake
actors say its fake

Don't Want to Watch Girls Cry and Fight
Why Do People
Like It?
Its great entertainment
great to see people love story progress
two people end up happy in the end
Are They in Love
2 out of 19
Why the Bachelor is so Stupid
Its fake
don't want to watch girls cry and fight
are you really in love
fighting over one guy
girls say they almost dropped out
girls didn't want to compete


self centered
all think they will be picked
2 out of 19
People on the show say its fake
They don't even like being on the show, some wanted to leave
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