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Intel Case

Strategy Implementation

Miaoshi Li

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Intel Case

Intel Project PC Client
Other Intel Architecture Operating Segments
Software and services operating Segments Operating Segments Geographic Segments Percentage of Revenue by
Major Operating Segment China
New Mexico
Arizona Industry Semiconductor Broadline: Design, manufacture and sell integrated technology platforms
Microprocessors, chipsets, display and storage devices, and accessories
Wired network, connectivity products, and wireless connectivity products
Mobile phone components and platforms
Radio frequency transceivers
Primarily an international corporation, includes Asia pacific, the America’s, Europe and Japan
**Intel is in a consolidated industry Opportunities Opportunities/Threats Competition Expand their global operations -Other parts of Asia/Australia
Expand into new product markets -Calculator/Television Advanced Micro Devices “AMD”
Texas Instruments
Samsung Electronics Setting Organizations Objectives
Evaluating the Organizational Environment
Setting Quantitative Targets
Aiming in context with the divisional plans
Performance Analysis
Choice of Strategy Strategy Formulation Extend our silicon technology and manufacturing leadership
Deliver unrivaled microprocessors and platforms
Grow profitability worldwide
Excel in customer orientation Setting Organizations Objectives Evaluating the Organizational Environment changes in business and economic conditions
revenue and pricing
gross margin and costs
pending legal proceedings
effective tax rate
marketing, general and administrative expenses
goals and strategies
new product introductions, and product defects and errata
plans to cultivate new businesses
R&D expenses
acquisitions, or similar transactions
net gains (losses) from equity investments
interest and other, net
capital spending
depreciation; and impairment of investments. Performance Analysis Energy-Efficient Performance. 
Security. Choice of Strategy Strategy Implementation Strengths Internal Analysis Intel is the largest microprocessor manufacturer company in the world.
Intel has been successfully recognized as brand.
Intel produces specialized products as it has captured only one area Sometimes technical problems have found in the products which needs consideration because it can weakens the customers’ base
Intel comes up with a very technical strategy in response to its competitors
Not focused on the mobile market
Not taking benefits from economies of scale, and provide cheaper items to consumers Weaknesses Paul S. Otellini (president and chief executive officer of Intel Corp.)
Andy D. Bryant (executive vice president)
Sean M. Maloney (executive vice president and Chairman of Intel China)
David Perlmutter (executive vice president and general manager of Intel Corporation's Intel Architecture Group)
Arvind Sodhani (executive vice president of Intel Corporation and president of Intel Capital) About Intel
Executives and Leadership Founded in 1968
By two scientist Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore
Vision for semiconductor memory products
Introduced the worlds first microprocessor History Main:
Processors: Intel Core i7 ( most powerful processor)
Ethernet Products Products This decade, we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth. Mission Statement Products with Intel Inside
Personal Computers
Enterprise Systems
Consumer Electronic
Storage Solutions
Embedded Products
Education Products Thank You!
Questions? Intel: 54% P/E ratio as compared to the Industry Ave. (According to John Neff's value investing strategy)
Quarterly Revenue Growth of 3.6%, compared to the industry Ave, which is 35%.
Beta is 0.99 (Systematic Risk is pretty low)
Financial Highlights Forecast Revenue per share:$11.14 (Quarterly Revenue Growth%+1)*Current Revenue per share
Forecast Price: $25.40, Current Price: $21.92
According to the Income Statement, revenue has decreased a lot since 2011, this is mostly due to a large increase in R&D cost and Selling, General and Administrative cost.
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