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Science Fair Project

No description

maliya harris

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

What is the effect of substances with varying pH levels on the erosion of tooth enamel?
Independent Dependent Controlled
Variables Variables Variables
Material List
Things you'll need:
lemon juice
styrofoam bowls
a spoon
a clean washcloth
a clean surface
measuring cup
1st: Get all materials out
2nd: Wash your hands and eggs off
3rd: Pour a cup of coke in a measuring cup, then pour it in your Styrofoam bowls. Then place the eggs into the cola, Gently.
4th: Pour a cup of lemon juice in a measuring cup, then pour it in your Styrofoam bowls. Then place the egg into the lemon juice, Gently.
5th: Pour a cup of vinegar in a measuring cup, then pour it in your Styrofoam bowls. Then place an egg into the vinegar, Gently.
6th: Use a spoon and put 4oz of sugar in your measuring cup, then pour 4oz of water in top of the sugar in the measuring cup. Use the spoon and stir it up (all of it), Then pour the mixture into your Styrofoam bowls. Then place an egg into the sugar water, Gently.
7th: Watch the eggs periodically.
8th: Flip the eggs over if needed.
9th: Grap your washcloth and wipe down your surface near your eggs.
10th: Clean the surface you used to do your experiment.
#of pH levels in the substances
measuring the rate of deterioration
same amount of substances
time I leave it in
the environment I put the substances in
If I do this...
the pH levels of the substances effects the tooth enamel and causes erosion
the most acidic substance will have the most effect
PH levels effecting
the tooth enamel

By: Maliya Harris
Kennedy Road Middle School
8th grade

My hypothesis is that the lemon juice will have the most and quickest effect because of its sourness and acidic rate
You need a composition book or log book to write down your observations and data.
Vinegar affected the enamel first. The shell is completely off.
Lemon Juice affected the enamel. The shell foamed up.
Coke affected the enamel. The shell changed colors (brown/black).
Sugar Water has not affected the enamel. The shell turned sticky.

Vinegar and Lemon Juice affected the tooth enamel quicker and caused the enamel to break and vanish. Soda causes tooth decay and changes the teeth color.
Sodas gives cavities. Sugar water had no effect except for making the enamel sticky.
Parents should let their kids eat candy. Candy does not give cavities, sodas do.
To my parents for giving me my materials
To Ms. Davis:
giving me materials
helping me with my log book
helping come up with my questions
helping me with my variables
You may easily understand how carbonated drinks are highly acidic and harmful to your teeth, but what about foods that are considered healthy? The truth is, some vitamin-rich foods are nutritious for your body but not so great for your teeth. How do you know which substances to limit or avoid saving your tooth enamel? The trick is determining their pH levels. These are the facts about how the pH levels of your favorite foods and drinks affect your oral health.
Acidic substances dissolve the tooth enamel in a process called demineralization. Certain minerals, such as calcium and fluoride, remineralize the teeth, which mean they reverse the effects of demineralization. However, if you expose your teeth to acidic substances frequently or over extended periods of time, no amount of calcium or fluoride can keep up with the demineralization process, and your enamel will wear away, causing tooth sensitivity and making your teeth more vulnerable to decay.
Sources/Work Cites
 http://www.hilltopfamilydental.com/tooth-enamel-erosion-and-ph-levels/
 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2676420/
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