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The London Docklands and the LDDC!

This is how the LDDC sorted out the London Docklands

luke browning

on 13 March 2011

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Transcript of The London Docklands and the LDDC!

The London Docklands and the LDDC The London Docklands were once the busiest port in the world!!! But, in the 1950's, this all changed This is cool stuff, so pay attention.
That means you Freddy! The ships became too big to fit up the river Thames. And new forms of transport(lorrys, planes ect) and containerisation mean that there was no use for most of the dockworkers. o In the 1930's, 100,000 dockers worked there. In 1966-1976, 150,000 people lost their jobs. 1970's: The government stopped giving money to the London Docklands. This is super cool, so pay attention!! :) This resulted in the Docklands becoming derilict. More people lost their jobs, transport in the area worsened and services declined. So the government called in the......LDDC!!!(London Docklands Development Corporation)
To sort this out. The LDDC, when it was formed, was a UDC ( Urban Development Corp)
and it's job was to attract new industry, improve transport, build new offices ect, build 20,000 new houses and iimprove services. It's main focus is on the Isle of Dogs. In 1998, after finishing on the docks, they pulled out and ceased to exist. Among the things that were achieved the LDDC managed to get:
£9.5,000,000,000 invested in the private/public sector,
24,000 homes built and
funding for 11 primary schools,2 secondry schools, 3 sixth form collages. The LD'S are still under work and the Canary Wharf board have suggested building the London version of the Twin Towers!!! they built canary wharf(below) and redeveloped many of the houses that were already there.
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