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Goeldi's Monkey Project

No description

Kitty Kat ^. .^

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Goeldi's Monkey Project

Goeldi's Monkey Project
The Enclosure
The Animal Encounters
The Goeldi's Monkey
When our groups were at zoo school, we had the chance to research the Goeldi's Monkey. They're small South American monkeys that have black or black-brown fur, but often have red, white, or silver-brown highlights on their heads. Their bodies are about 20-23cm in length and their tails are about 2-10 cm longer than their bodies.
The Monkey....
Today we will be sharing with you our project that consists of:
1. A three dimensional enclosure (Corbin)
2. A detailed description of the enclosure (Charlotte and Aidan)
3. Three animal encounters (Arjun, Zayd and Ben)
4. Questions we thought of during and after zoo school (Colin and Alex)
5. A graphic organizer (Colin and Devlin)

The Enclosure
The Enclosure's Materials
A Description of the Enclosure:
First Encounter: Three-Banded Armadillo
Second Encounter: White's Tree Frog
The White’s tree frog is an amphibian from Australia; like most amphibians it is cold-blooded. The White’s tree frog starts its life in the water, when they grow older they adapt to live on land. They have also adapted to live in dry areas; during the dry season, they climb a tree, and secrete wax through their skin, to prevent water loss. They also have excellent camouflage; their backs are a darker shade so they blend in with the ground; and their stomachs are white, so from below, they look like the sun, this is called
counter-shading. The White's tree frog are quite tame, but have a little fear of humans.
Third Encounter: The Harbour Seal
By: Maiyah, Colin, Aidan, Arjun, Zayd, Devlin, Corbin, Charlotte, Ben & Alex
Graphic Organizer
hot glue
scotch tape
popsicle sticks
fruit loops
plastic leaves
wood shavings
cardboard box
pom poms
saran wrap
The South American three banded armadillo is a mammal and is endothermic (warm blooded). The three banded armadillo is an opportunistic omnivore; it eats whatever is available. They eat any scraps on the floor such as fruits and other dead things. It gets lots of its food by digging into insect colonies and feeding on termites and ants. When we watched the armadillo, we observed that it had horrible eyesight; but would use his hearing and smelling to find prey. Against predators, the armadillo rolls up into a ball to protect itself. The three bands of skin on its back, hence its name, allow it to curl into a ball and cover itself from head to toe, protecting it’s underbelly, limbs, eyes, nose and ears. The shell it uses to cover itself is armored and the outer layer is made of the same protein that builds human fingernails, keratin. The three banded armadillos’ predators include coyotes, and some birds of prey, who will pick up the curled up armadillo, and drop it from a great distance to kill it.
The main purpose of this enclosure is to ensure that the Goeldi's monkeys feel at home while thriving in their natural habitat. This enclosure would most definetely be suitable for the Goeldi's Monkeys not only be because of its aesthetics, but because we feel the monkeys would be comfortable in the habitat designed for their pleasure. The colorful enrichments provide a different spark in the creatures' daily routine, therefore allowing them to keep their natural instincts. The enclosure has many different features that keep the monkeys' minds busy all day long. For example, the colorful baskets provide food and water as well as a vibrant blast to the enclosure. The many branches and trees give the Goeldi's lots of room to swing around the enclosure and play. The saran wrap "glass" windows are for visitors' observation and preventing escape. Our enclosure would be a great place to live in the eyes of a Goeldi's Monkey because it would feel like a home away from home.
Harbour seals are marine mammals; and like most mammals, they are endothermic/warm blooded. Harbour seals have blubber to keep them warm, and to store water; a seal’s fur is also water resistant, this allows them to stay warm underwater even in the coldest water temperatures. Harbour seals are usually solitary, they rarely interact except to mate. Harbour seals, unlike many seals, have no external ears. The Harbour seal's flipper's were not designed to walk on land, but rather steer and speed through the water.
Thank you for watching our presentation!
Our Questions
DZS: During Zoo School
AZS: After Zoo School

Running and Operating a Zoo
How much money does it cost to run and operate the zoo? (DZS)
Why do they have a policy against killing bugs? (DZS)
How many species of animals are at the zoo? (DZS)
Why are the animals at the zoo trained? (DZS)
Do different species of animals ever get put together as an enrichment? (DZS)
Has a threatening animal ever escaped before? (AZS)
Is Lucy the only elephant that breathes through her mouth? (DZS)
How did the zebras adapt to Edmonton’s climate? (DZS)
At full size, how big is the Royal Ball Python? (DZS)

Finances and Economy
What is the net profit of the zoo? (AZS)
What is the average wage of the zoo employees? (AZS)
How much of the zoo’s net profit goes toward the government? (AZS)

Construction and Execution
How long did it take to build the zoo? (AZS)
How valuable is the land on which the zoo is located? (AZS)
What were they building behind the Birds of Prey section? (DZS)

Before and During Employment
How many years does it take in post-secondary education to become a zookeeper? (AZS)
Has a zookeeper ever been fired for misusing privileges? (AZS)
What benefits do zoo employees receive? (AZS)
How many employees does the zoo currently have? (AZS)

Enclosure from front
Enclosure from bird's eye view
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