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Community, Fiction, and Reality: Real People Fiction as Historiography

Background Wallpaper Art by Spookyzangel http://www.deviantart.com/art/Brad-Colbert-Nate-Fick-2-138625995

Kristina Busse

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Community, Fiction, and Reality: Real People Fiction as Historiography

Community, Fiction, and Reality:
Real People Fiction as Historiography

Kristina Busse

SCMS 2016
One Direction fans resemble Zombie Apocalypse
Mirror 21 May, 2013
Real People Fiction
Social Media
Prefab Narrative
* Hayden White
* primary sources: facts, data, artifacts, personal accounts
* historian selects and narrates
* emplotment of history
* historical text as literary artifact
* "A historian takes events that have happened and makes a story out of them."

Fiction and Reality
roman a clèf
non-fiction novel
found documents
Media Fan Zines
Early Fan Communities
Beginnings of Media Fandom
SciFi Con and Zine Culture
Media Fan Con
Public Diaries
Personal Websites
Media Fandom
Gillian Anderson/David Duchovny
Sarah Michelle Gellar/
David Boreanaz
Actor RPF
Popslash and LOTRips
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical Romance
Panic! at the Disco
Anna Todd,
Hockey RPS
I write them ... a little more thoughtful than they probably are, a little more genuine, a little more confused. ... I romanticize their problems, their struggles, to give them greater weight and depth..
. I do that because I don't want to read about their bloated, competitive, soulless, consumptive, defensive little lives. I want, in one sense or another, a romance, a story about one or another kind of love. (Betty P.)
RPS as Celebrity Narrative
uses media material as "canon"
clearly defined as fiction
creating depth and empathy rather than sterotyping
Collaboratively Creating Canon
choosing and dismissing evidence
including and excluding material into "canon"
resorting to shared facts and interpretations
Reality and Fiction
Generation Kill
Layers of Reality
Rolling Stones reporter Evan Wright embedded with 1st Recon Marines, 2003
images during invasion
Rolling Stones, "The Killer Elite"
nonfiction book
HBO series
Nate Fick
Brad Colbert
Actors and their Real-Life Counterparts
Wearemany, “Wholly Imaginary”
“This is about the overlap — and the aftermath — of being in a war, a magazine, a book, a memoir, a miniseries, and the world that's left behind. I consider it the story of two men in context, but others might look sideways and see RPF.”
“The paraphrased quotes the woman reads back to him are so vehement, so angry. They sound like him, though, like things he would say if he could remember how to feel something so strongly.”
"Everyone has a story about [him], almost all bullshit and now all painted over with Evan's way of seeing things. Evan's not wrong but he's not completely right."
Fiction as Truth
«Aujourd'hui, je ne suis pas sûre que ce que j'ai écrit soit vrai, je suis sûre que c'est véridique »
-Charlotte Delbo
“Today I am not sure that what I wrote is true. I am certain it is truthful.”
"Can [historical film] adequately convey the complex, qualified, and critical dimension of historical thinking about events?" -H. White

importance of selecting, interpreting, and giving meaning
a loosely agreed-on set of information
“Canon” gets created simultaneously by
the celebrities, the media, and the fans alike.
RPF questions how
reality is narrativized.
Cognitive Dissonance: Fans must simultaneously believe and disavow media representations.
inter- and extrapolation
creating layers of possibilities
cementing interpretations into shared truths
contributing to community’s shared canon
Layers of Reality
tertiary real live canons
primary televisual canon

secondary book canons
Celebrity Gossip
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