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Language and Campaigns - FOA #2

Ehtisham Khan, Rajhav Srinivasan, Rushay Naik

Rayman Abramovich

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Language and Campaigns - FOA #2

Central Idea
All campaigns, despite varying purposes, are created using similar structures, as well as through the use of language and persuasive techniques, in order to convince audiences to perform a certain action.
Language and Campaigns
Social Media
• Social media is an effective technological tool used to publicize campaign and gain reach a wider audience
• Technology has changed the landscape of traditional mass media advertising
• Campaigns have become more interactive with their audience due to the emergence of new technologies
• Campaigns are dependent on interest of the audience
• Campaigns have evolved because of new media and technology

Impact of new technology and media on communication and campaigning techniques
Post: The Obama Campaign
“I can see that his videos and social media attempts were effective because they
allowed people to connect with the president on an entirely new level. People were able to share their opinion
and “like” the video. Obama was very effective at communicating with people and listening to their opinions, and he did this through social media.”
“I believe that the increasing reliance on social media by politicians and governments is a very
positive phenomenon, because it could potentially result in reciprocity between the government and the citizens
“One of the key ideas I read about when researching further was that many groups who at one time felt ostracized by politicians suddenly had
a method of communicating their ideas directly to a potential (and the eventual) President

Post: Lays "Do Us a Flavor" Campaign
“I believe that a consumer-focused marketing approach makes a product successful
because it makes the customer feel like the company cares about their personal opinion
to such an extent that they are willing to use it in the form of a new product for their brand (reaches out to their sentiments)”
“It is able to
create a personal connection between the Lays company and the consumer

which causes the consumer to feel more attached to that company
and believe it will have better products because they had the help from the people”
“Yet, I believe there is more than just because the
consumers will feel that their opinions matter.
The author said, “In Canada, flavour variety is really important and Canadians love flavoured potato chips…” Since Canadians love flavoured potato chips, this shows that
Canadians will be curious about the flavour that the company and the audience create together

campaign on different social media outlets are very effective
in advertising their product. By
using user-generated content, such as YouTube, GoPro is able to effectively reach millions of users
of all demographics and audiences, all within a short period of time.”
“The videos also include a
hashtag to further communicate with the audience at the end of the video and employs more social media to gain more publicity through the use of twitter
Advertising through social media is more effective
than ever since we live in the era of technology and through the use of
YouTube, it is more powerful
as people prefer to view videos rather than articles.”

Social media marketing itself was a very effective tool for the company
, because most of the videos had a shock factor and an extreme approach to it.”

Post: GoPro Ads
“I would like to discuss the
role of social media in the movement’s success
. Compared to regular job postings, in which an article is posted on a website, the creators of this campaign decided to create a video describing the experience.
They posted it on YouTube and also spread awareness via Facebook and Twitter. Thus, they would be able to reach a larger audience and spread awareness easier
. With their information being easily accessible, and with many
viewers sharing this opportunity to others over social media
, the producers are also able to advertise through word of mouth. Thus, due to the many to many pattern imbedded in the internet, the popularity of this media is grows exponentially”
“This campaign promotes both a high paying, laid back job, the opportunity to travel, as well as a million dollar home.
As a result, people share this through social media as it appeals to them and through social media, this campaign is able to spread and reach different parts of the world

Post: The Best Job In The World

Culture and Demographics
Social Relations
Starbucks' Advertising Campaign
The intended audience of the campaign plays a large role in the creation of the content.
Many times, the campaigner must also account for people outside of the target market.
The demographic plays a large role in the creation of a campaign.
Audiences now care about the social relations of a company, so emphasizing the social relations aspect in a campaign may be highly beneficial.
Campaigners take Audience (culture and demographics, social relations) into account when determining the content in a campaign
Advertisement VS Campaign
Advertising Campaigns
Political Campaigns
Charitable (non profit) Campaigns
Within each type of campaign, advertisements follow similar conventions and mediums
By Rajhav Srinivasan, Ehtisham Khan, and Rushay Naik
Activity: Shark Tank Pitch
How is language used in political and advertising campaigns to persuade audiences?
How are different media used to influence the public?
Social Media
TV Commercials
YouTube Videos

What do persuasive texts say about the cultural values of the audience that they target?​
Individualism vs Collectivism
Guiding Questions
What To Remember
All campaigns, despite varying purposes, are created using similar structures, as well as through the use of language and persuasive techniques, in order to convince audiences to perform a certain action.
Post: Japanese Airline Commercial
The article states that the commercial was released in Japan, and if it was released in Japan only, the target audience would not be the international community, but rather the Japanese viewers. The ‘humour’ in the video was based around the depiction and exaggeration of a racial stereotype, an advertising technique that, while controversial, is still widely used.
ANA most likely chose this form of advertisement because it is what appeals to the Japanese viewers. Like in many other East Asian countries, western people are stereotyped to have blond hair and large noses and this is recognizable and perhaps considered funny in their culture.
Post: McDonalds Healthy Campaign
For example, while the classic Hamburger in the menu may seem like a delight because of its low-calorie content, the customer may overlook how processed the contents of this burger are, be it the additive carbs in the bun or the amount of sodium in the burger meat itself. McDonald's seems to be using language in their campaign to disguise this problem, by placing appealing images and colorful texts to emphasize the lack of calories in several of their products.
Emphasis and repetition of the term "premium" in front of several products, "premium grilled chicken sandwich", "premium southwest salad"' etc. (uses language in context of social culture, plays on the craze people have for premium/gourmet food products in society today).
The result of that has been a decrease in the number of people who frequently visit fast-food restaurants like McDonald's.
Therefore, McDonald's has been clever to disguise many of their popular products as healthy due to their low calorie content, which compels many health conscious consumers to frequent their restaurants once again.
People's view of the corporation has truly changed. People are beginning to view the corporation as evil rich men who will do anything to increase their profits and make money. By showing how the companies produce their products,
companies are attempting connect with people and show them that they are not adding junk to their products and they are making it healthy and fresh
.Another reason this is becoming an effective marketing tactic is because,
people are beginning to become curious about how the food they are consuming is made. People want to know the process involved in the making of the food that they consume.
This type of marketing
allows the companies to connect with people,
and show them that the food they consume is not made with chemicals and additives, and that it is made fresh.

In the video they showed the packaging and making process of Starbucks.
This transparency allows consumers to see that the food they are eating is in fact fresh and well made.
A campaign can be a single ad or a series of ads.
Campaigns have ads that revolve around a single idea.
What makes this advert effective is its use of a shock factor. When an individual takes a first and brief glance at the image, the young girl seems to be an average teen with a facial piercing. However, it is then seen that the ring pierces through her lips, not allowing her to speak.
This sense of shock uses the persuasive technique of pathos
which has different impacts on different audiences. A viewer who is
a child under abuse will feel a personal connection with the character in the image
and a viewer who isn’t will feel pity for children in similar situations.
In this video, Obama and his campaigners
used fear, allurement, loaded language and glittering generalities to prove that he was a better presidential candidate
than his rival, Mitt Romney.
The whole video is
structured as a problem/solution ad
, with the problem being “[having] much more to do to get folks back to work and make the middle class secure,” and his
solution being presented in his platform.
Another technique is the
shock factor in the video, the children in prisoner attire
. It was at that moment I realized how powerful this video really was. It also stated, what I believe as somewhat of a biased statement, that California believes that the future generation will consist of mainly criminals. It then
shows some statistics
about prison development versus educational facility development.
I think comedic advertisements are more popular because they are
more memorable
and are typically
more entertaining
. [...] Comparing this to an informative advertisement, this would probably keep the
audience more captivated.
I think there were many factors in this commercial that made it effective, with
celebrity appearances being extremely effective
. Obviously, this ad had to target people who know who Van Damme is.

In merely five words the poster is able to convey two messages: to keep calm and also to carry on with the day’s work,
rather than becoming apprehensive and distressed.
they use, again
simple words and design
, and they also use the propaganda technique of
glittering generalities
From simply
listing out various useful and entertaining functions
of their products (logos) to
displaying them in action
and showing how they can help others (ethos) to
pulling on the heart strings
(pathos), the company has done close to everything to promote their products.
The hidden message the commercial sends the audience is that if you purchase the iPad Air, your life
will be full of the “things worth living for”
. And if you buy this gadget –
you will too contribute
to the master play that is life.
All campaigns serve a purpose, and although the means may be different, the preferred outcome is often the same
Advertising campaigns appeal to audiences; attempt to evoke positive feelings surrounding product/service being sold
Political campaigns demonstrate the strength of a personality/ideology, and show the benefits of a particular one
Charitable campaigns ask viewers to take a certain action related to a cause or controversial idea; use emotion and shock as influencing techniques
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