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Pierre Salah

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Movies

A little quizz
to begin with
Which is the highest-grossing movie in the world?

a) Titanic
b) The Avengers
c) The Lord of the Rings:
The Return of the King
d) Avatar

Between 2005-2009 what was the place of the USA in the international rank of film production ?

a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth
When did the first rotating cameras start being used for taking planning shots?

a) 1895
b) 1897
c) 1899
d) 1901

History of films in the US
1990s : - Jewish immigrants – Arts
MGM, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros Studios
Mostly in the Est side of the US

1910: Hollywood as the main centre of film production
The firsts stars
Increasing Budgets

1920: “Block-Busters”
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 1927

The Sound Era
1930s: Great Depression – Crises, Unemployment, syndicates
Production and diffusion costs (new equipment) ↑
People coming to the cinemas ↓
Fusions: 5 big companies
New Deal supporting arts
Social issues as inspiration
Technicolor – The Wizard of Oz (1939)

1940s: Second World War and then Cold War
Antitrust Act (1947)
Hollywood’s Blacklist – Charlie Chaplin

1950: Cinemascope
Exportation – Motion Picture Exportation Association
American Way of Life, American Dream X Communism
Musicals, sci-fi and westerns ↑
TV development
Drive-in Theatre (~ 4000 in the USA)

1960 – 1970

Special effects

1970-1980 "The Spielberg's era"
Action, Sci-fi and Super heroes
2000 -
We experience now the 3D boom in the cinemas, but when did the first 3D movie come out?

a) 1952
b) 1965
c) 1981
d) 1990

Film Awards
1- Festival Awards:

Chicago International Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival
Hawaii International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Slamdance Film Festival

The most important Film Festivals worldwide

Venice Film Festival
The Cannes Film Festival
The Toronto Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival
The Berlin International Film Festival

2- Critics' Awards
FIPRESCI (International Film Critics Award)
International Online Film Critics' Poll (IOFCP)

In the US:
Over 40 awards
American Film Institute (AFI) - Link
Austin Film Critics Association (AFCA)
Black Film Critics Circle (BFCC)

3- Industry Awards
Documentary Association Awards
World Soundtrack Awards
World Stunt Awards

Over 40
Most popular: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy Awards (Oscars)

How cinema affect our lives ?
Admissions in France
French Television
The American Cinema:
the Culturally Dominant One
The only cinema industry that dominates not only its own market but also many others in the world.

One of the few sectors in the US with a positive commercial balance (more exportation than importation)
“This magical factory produces and sells entertainment which provides a refuge or Utopia for people to forget their burdens and trivials.”
Connect the name of the following characters to his corresponding movie :

Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Lord of The Rings
The Great Gatsby
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Lord of The Rings
The Great Gatsby
Star Wars
American Domination
2004 Top 10 Movies
All Americans

Influence on people’s names

Isabella & Jacob

Do you notice a trend here? Isabella and Jacob ranked the top of the charts for male and female babies born in 2009, according to babycenter.com. Bella and Jacob also happen to be the protagonists of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series, which was released as a blockbuster hit in 2008. Coincidence? I think not. If naming your child after a fictitious vampire seems like strange inspiration, it certainly didn’t stop American parents. Other vampire names featured in Twilight, including the names Cullen, Jasper, Emmett, Esme, and Alice also rose in popularity due to the series’ influence.
Admission in Europe 2004
Movies which inspired murderers :
Basic Instinct

On the night of May 24 to 25, 2012, Luka Magnotta, a gay young Canadian, killed in the same way a Chinese student after binding him. He will break up the body of the unhappy and will mail several pieces of the corpse to political parties in his country. Another disturbing detail: the killer used as an alias on the forums "Catherine Tramell," the name of the character played by Sharon Stone in the movie
The vengeance last scene of
from Lars Von Trier with Nicole Kidman inspired Anders Behring the Norwegian terrorist who killed 77 people and hurt 151 one’s in 2011 .
But looking on the bright side...

Why not take profit from this Hollywood's globalization?
In 2002 2 weeks after watching
a French student put a Ghostface mask and kill his 15 year old friend with 18 stabs
The investment of Brands in Movies
In 2006, the drink Coca-Cola was particularly drunk
in the movies : Mission Impossible III, Hostel, Borat, Silent Hill,
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby , Click, The Departed, Glory Road, Failure to Launch or Gridiron Gang
Cinema Industries around the world
In 2005, an investment in Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory even allowed to Nestlé brand
restart its chocolate bars that were placed Wonka
heart of the film's story
The appearance of marks and / or their logo in the movies is not a recent phenomenon but it remains current, especially since a majority of research agree to recognize the growth of the practice in recent years.
The movie product placement involves all kinds of products and services with a wide variety of appearance modalities
How difficult is it to be well known in this business ?
Some stars shine so brightly, it's hard to think of them as anything but the uber famous faces they are today. But, just like the rest of us, Hollywood's titans started out as small-time delivery boys, waiters, models and even pimps. Yes, pimps.
Despite the fact he didn't have any formal training, Mr. Indiana Jones was a carpenter before becoming a household name. He picked up the craft in Los Angeles in the late '60s, building furniture for the likes of Richard Dreyfuss, John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion, Valerie Harper, and Ray Manzarek.
Frustrated by the way in which her grandfather's funeral was conducted, Jolie decided on a career path set in the funeral home as a funeral director. She even ordered a certificate but didn't end up much further than that.
Always an athlete, George tried out to play professional baseball with the Cincinnati Reds in 1977, but didn't make the cut.
The original James Bond was well on his way to becoming a professional body builder before he found himself in third place for Mr. Universe. Luckily, the whole acting gig picked up shortly after and he found fame as 007.
Young Tom could have been a priest and he even enrolled in a seminary to do so, but was asked to leave after allegedly sneaking in some alcohol before acting and scientology found their way into his life.
Freeman once had a paper route as a teen, delivering the local news to his neighbors early in the mornings before school.
Which of these films won 11 Oscars?
a) Titanic, Ben-Hur and The Lord of the Rings;
b) West Side Story, Titanic and Ben-Hur;
c) Gone with the wind, West Side Story and Titanic;
d) Titanic, The Lord of the Rings and Gone with the Wind;

Bollywood and Nollywood
What was the first job of Megan Fox ?
a) Working in a nightclub disguised in rabbit

b) Selling drinks disguised in banana

c) Working in a restaurant dressed in chicken

d) Working for Mac Donald disguised in Ronald Mac Donald
"Pros and Cons"
Comparison between USA/France
Rank of the tenth well payed actors in 2012
The omnipresence of US Movies in France
Top ten films in France and USA in 2011
The 3 top grossing films since 1945 in France are :
a) Avatar, Titanic, Welcome to the Sticks

b) Titanic, Welcome to the Sticks, The intouchables

c) Titanic, The intouchables, Don't Look Now We're being shot at

d) Welcome to the Sticks, Titanic, The intouchables
UIS - Unesco
Take a piece of paper, write your name. You will listen to 30 musics extracted from known movies. Write the name of the movie from the first to the 30th ( one movie by line ).
We will take theses papers at the end and correct them. The Winner will have this : ...... So goooodddd luuuuucccckkkk !!!!!!!
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