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Sippin' On Hatorade

No description

Luis Vargas-Mena

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Sippin' On Hatorade

The Oh So Smooth Brothers of
Lambda Sigma Upsilon
Latino Fraternity, Inc.
Bring to You An intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury
Extreme dislike or antipathy Source: Merriam-Webster HATE? What is that? Faggot HOMOPHOBIC SLURS! DYKE "THAT'S SO GAY" Faggot Derives from the word meaning bundle of sticks A common used slur used against homosexual males Used of the word as a general insult, not necessarily implying homosexuality REALLY THOUGH?!?!?! HOW DO WE FEEL?!?! Form of bullying, which in turn can cause some individuals to disconnect from society.

Some individuals may par-take in harmful behaviours WORst case scenarios It was an abusive term
for women in the 16th century Became derogatory when homosexuals were tied together and burned alive during World War II In british private schools the term "fagging" is associated with younger boys performing "DUTIEs" for other boys My "Nigga" RACIAL SLURS The "N-WORD" DOES HIP-Hop
this problem D
e Originated as derogatory named for masculine women yet some attempt to use it as a neutral synonym for lesbian IS IT that
Okay? Be honest with yourself. you're not thinking of "an embankment that holds back and controls water." "THAT'S SO GAY" DO YOU MEAN......
There once was a time when all "gay" meant "happy." now, people are saying "that' so gay" to mean dumb and stupid. Which is insulting to gay people. That's so "jock who can complete a pass but not a sentence" That's so "Gamer guy who has more video games than friends" That's so
"cheerleader who
like can't lie say
Smart stuff" Nigger A noun in the English Language most notable for its usage in a pejorative context to refer to black people.
Originated from the Spanish/Portuguese noun "negro"
MAINSTREAM MEDIA "GUIDO" A Slang term for Lower-Class or working-class urban italian AMerican

Comes from "guidare" or to drive

It was used as a demeaning term for
Italian Americans

"SPIC" Ethnic slur for a person of a hispanic
background ... small "Spic" may be a variation on "SPEAK" "Spic and span" a mixed Puerto Rican
and African-American couple. May derive from "spaghetti" or "no spika de Inglese" CONCLUSION WHat is THE POWER OF WORDS?
HOW DO WE perpetua the continuance of slurs?
CAn we stop?
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