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The Cycle

No description

Moe Ash

on 2 March 2018

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Transcript of The Cycle

Date of Birth: 16 April 1985
Nationality: Egyptian
Marital Status: Single
Tel: 01096641021
Email: So.Cute@yahoo.com
Address: Heliopolis

Curriculum Vitae
What is a candidate seeking?
The interviewer is looking for
What can you do for us?

Why do you want to work with us?

What are you like once we've got to know you?

What can you do for me?
Ask about your career path, and how you can develop

Why do I want to work for you?

Will working in this organization fit my long term/short term goals?

What are you like once I have got to work here?

Make sure that the working environment is suitable for you, as you’ll spend minimum of 8 hrs/day working in the company.
How the story starts!
Functional Knowledge
Functional Skill
Job Vacancy
Generating Leads
Collecting C.Vs
Filtering & Screening
Interviews & Testing
Feedback &
The Job Offer
Recruitment Cycle
Competency Based Interviews
The 13 most common questions:
1. So tell me about yourself
2. What were your duties in your last job
Show them how you're worthy of an investment, time and effort. Deliver it & mean it!
Pick the most 3 tasks you performed regularly
3. What is your ideal work environment?
Talk about your dream job & how your a perfect fit
4. What was the biggest project in your career for which you were catalyst?
This is a chance to demonstrate motivation & drive.
5. What would your ideal employer be like?
Describe the kind of healthy relationship bosses dream about
6. What do you know about this position?
Show yourself, your duties & what they mean for the company. Relate your role in the company
7. Do You Know Anything About What We Do?

Show off your knowledge
8. Why Did You Leave or Are You Leaving Your Other Job?
Be positive. State what you are for not what you are against
9. When Are You Available to Start?
when do you need me?!
10. What are Your Biggest Strengths?
Develop a personal statement that outlines three of your biggest strengths, and use it when these types of interview questions are asked
11. Describe a Challenge You’ve Faced with a Colleague.
Tell a story that puts you and the other worker in a positive light
12. Tell Me About Your Biggest Weakness.
Talk about how your strengths can work against you and how you deal with that
13. Are You Okay With the Salary for this Position?
1. Telephone Screening interview
2. One on One Interview
3. Behavioral & situational interview
4. Pressure & brain teaser interview
5. Top Grading interview
6. Speed interview
7. Panel, group & Peer interviews
8. Simulation interview
9. Video Conference & web cam interview
10. Funny interview
Research the company.

Study the job description carefully and make sure your CV is suitable for what the company is looking for.

Prepare for questions that will be asked during the interview.

Prepare questions you will ask during the interview.
Visit the interview location a day or so before your interview.

Plan what to wear to your interview.
Take good care of your nutrition
Job interviews can be intimidating and unpleasant, but only if you are unprepared.
Because you followed the Pre-interview Strategies, you will be more confident, professional, and less nervous than the other candidates.

During your job interviews, you will be enthusiastic, likeable, determined, and knowledgeable.

These traits are all more important than your job qualifications. As most of the employers hire for personality and train for skills.

Arrive early.

Make your introduction and greeting memorable.

Use body signals that shows you are enthusiastic, confident, and comfortable with the interview process.

Be yourself, but only up to a point.
Answer questions clearly and confidently.
After answering their questions, ask some yourself.

Exit gracefully.

Don't be shy about making follow-up calls.

DONT worry, BE happy.

If you got the job, go celebrate! If you didn't, don't despair, just start again.

The Possibilities are Always......Endless!!
Moe Ash
Perception Training Solutions
Skill in a Pill
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