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"The Stranger" by: Albert Camus

No description

Mere Bola

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of "The Stranger" by: Albert Camus

"The Stranger"
by: Albert Camus

Questions were being asked and the topic was on Maman and how he felt about taking care of her.
The judge soon asked the prosecutor if he had any questions.
The prosecutor wanted to know if Mersault went back to kill the Arab, Mersault answered with a simple "No".
The bailiff started to read some of the witnesses names off of the list and that got Mersault's attention very fast.
The names Mersault heard was; the director, the caretaker, old Thomas Perez, Raymond, Masson, Salamano, and Marie.
Mersaults examination began right away.
Mere Bola
3rd Period
Questions were being thrown around, asking why was he armed and why did he return to the spot.
After the questions the judge announced that the hearing was adjourned until the afternoon.
The Importance of the physical world...
In the book "The Stranger" the main character Mersault see's the world in a different perspective which would be physically and mentally.
His lawyer arrived, made his way around and shook each reporters hand.
The bell rang and everyone went back to their place.
Mersault's lawyer told him to respond briefly to every question.
The reporters already had their pens in their hands.
Facing Reality
(Chapter 3, Part 2)
Mersault's case was set down for the last session of the Court of Assizes.
The guards had came for Mersault around 7:30 A.M and were getting ready to head over to the court house.
A short time later a bell rang in the room.
"The two policemen took me into a small room that smelled of darkness" (pg. 82).
Examples of the Theme..
"In the middle of what until then had been a shapeless mass of spectators, I saw them stand up one by one, only to disappear again through a side door" (pg. 86).
"The prosecutor looked at me with an ironic gleam in his eye" (pg. 90)
Mersault is the main character in the book "The Stranger", he has a huge role in this story. He is a protagonist, and the way he acts in the story is very unusual. Mersault shows no kind emotion especially during his mothers funeral......
Marie is Mersaults girlfriend, they had met each other after Mersaults mothers funeral which is very skeptical. Marie falls for Mersault very fast and asks him to marry her.
Celeste is a owner of a restaurant and Mersault has known him for quite some time. Celeste seems like the type that likes to get into peoples business.
Raymond was a friend of Mersault, he was known as a woman beater and also a trouble maker, he's one guy no one would want to mess with.
Salamano was a good friend of Mersaults, he was a neighbor of Mersaults. Salamano and his dog were the same, old and very weird looking, they looked like each other in a odd way.
Thomas Perez
Thomas Perez didn't really know Mersault he knew Mersaults mother better than he knew him.
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