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Facebook Landing Pages

This presentation is designed to educate and inform businesses on the value of having a Facebook landing page.

Delaney Brown

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Facebook Landing Pages

Did you find yourself? How do you increase your likes? 1. Advertise on facebook & allow users the option to like your page directly in the add 2. Your Facebook advertising should send users to your Facebook page, not your website If users go directly to your site, they miss out on the opportunity to like your page. 3. Send users to an incentivized like page Incentivized pages typically receive 200-300% higher click to fan conversion rates than regular landing pages. 9. Do not send users to your wall Your Facebook page will very likely be the FIRST IMPRESSION you make on a potential customer. Less American? It's June now and still no reply? No search on the site? The site's down? First Impressions? 1. Too many complaints/suggestions
2. What site doesn't have a search? Why waste my time?
3. The website is down. Don't let others hinder your first impression! Home to over 500 million active users that combined spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. The Facebook Social Graph As a social networking platform, Facebook has begun to map out literally every connection human beings may share. Many companies have made the leap into this social graph through Facebook pages, but a page is nothing without any likes.
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