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Design Thinking Action Lab 2013, assignments by Fida

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Fida Negm

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Design Thinking Action Lab 2013, assignments by Fida

A recent graduate, 23, trying to figure out how and where to enter the job market riddled with insecurities and questions
get more support to be able to start his job hunting; needs a place where he can address his questions and get advices so he can move on with more self-courage
he doesn't know where to start and he was never confronted with this kind of situation; it's all new to him and he is full of doubts because he cannot picture the next steps and has no idea of what might come or could be possible.
Design Thinking Action Lab 2013
It’s hard to get a job with the minimal work experience I have (most jobs require 2-5yrs depending on field/role).
Unsure of how to sell myself, as I haven’s had relevant work experience to put my skills (soft or hard) and traits into perspective.
How to get my foot in the door, lack of network (on top of a lack of relevant work experience.)
Afraid that what I learned at university hasn’t been all that practical and therefore I don’t feel ready for the workforce.
Afraid to choose a career path as I am unsure of what it is I want or where my passions lie and so I have been postponing this decision.

•Fluff up his CV.
Visit career counselors.
•Polish up Linkedin profile.
•Do personality tests (eg MBTI).
•Attend (alumni) networking events.
•Obtain certificates and do online courses.
•Try to find jobs via online sites like Seek/Monster board.
•Procrastinate, as he postpones his decisions on which jobs to apply for.
•Continue working in the same demanding part-time job he was in during his studies
(i.e. bar work) whilst rationalizing about what his dream job/company/industry might be.
•Read online articles on how to improve CV and cover letter writing and techniques for interviewing.
•Rather stay in education longer as the job market is tough, so prefer to follow up with a Masters degree directly after Bachelors.
•Fear of failure •Inadequate/inexperienced
Stressed (compounding pressure time-wise
and performance-wise, due to an increasingly competitive job market)
•Stuck (broke, low self-esteem, aimless)
•Freedom of choice paralyzes him
•Hopeless (alone and a bit lost)
•Not ready

•He will find something, by doing more of what he is already doing
•He needs to aim and settle for a less desirable role, given his lack of experience.
So he will go for anything he can get.
•A lot of support systems out there are fragmented in their approach
•There is no effective mentorship program out there that address the current work- school transition.
•The job market is becoming increasingly competitive everyday
(e.g. jobs being outsourced, increasing number of university graduates etc.) However the longer he isn’t landing a job the more inadequate he will appear to a potential employer and to himself.
•An employer would much rather have someone else who has more experience and knows what they want (i.e. can express themselves better).
Male, 23, recent graduate of Marketing Studies
Go travel
Intern programs
One job a week,
52 a year
Make an
interactive app
(with assignments, deadlines, points of reflection, templates, integrated job search tools with notifications.)
Create an
online simulation/ scenario building game
, that reflects real-life situations of job seekers in interviews, facing rejections, finding out their passions.
Provide video footage online of interviews
of job seekers from different industries/roles. Everyone can give comments and constructive feedback on the site/forum.
Design a
more holistic career counselor's program
, which offer students a range of personality tests, innovative tools, resources, contacts etc all specific to their industries.
compulsory classes at uni
(on CV writing, interview techniques, salary negotiating etc.)
alumni events more engaging
. Students/recent graduates team up with alumni to complete a challenge
Mentorship programs
Students have to
partake in a Design Thinking challenge
that takes them out of their comfort zone.
Every student has to form a team at some point in their academic life to devote x amount of hours towards a project for uni at uni for free. The
projects are graded on leaving a lasting contribution to the un
i. (E.g. annual water balloon fight, communal veggie patches, mural painting etc.)
Learn to
and let go of internal chatter
Confidence building exercises
inspiring podcasts
on different industries and creative ways on entering them
Everyone gets placed in
random job placements
for a short period and then comes back and reflect on experience with the class.
Make a comic book on you
and why you would hire you.
Make a video/illustration/animation of what you would do if you were working for them
(e.g. an average day on the job.)
Go to an
old folks

and ask them for advice and find out about their experiences.
Enter the work place through
volunteer work
(at an NGO).
Find the company you would like to work for and think of an area where they could improve or find new business opportunity and
write/draw up a proposal.
Career fairs, make them more engaging
(see alumni events.)
Make a 2-3minute video on your skills, contact details, background etc. Instead of a written
you can do it in more of a
visual format.

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