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Horses and I

No description

Mr. Stack

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Horses and I

Horses and I
Horses and I
Horses are my life and I think everyone should have one but not a lot of people own one. But guess what? I'm going to be one of the AWESOME people who do.
To me, horse breeds are hard to remember. The only ones I can remember are the Tennessee Walking Horse, the Appaloosa, the Belgian, the Thoroughbred, the Pinto, the Clydesdale and a few more.
My horse back riding equipment is very important to me because it keeps my head from getting hurt and my legs and arms from breaking. I wear pale-colored breeches, a black helmet with a blue polka dotted cover, riding boots with half chaps over them, and black riding gloves. In the winter, I wear about three layers of shirts and two layers of pants.
Spring Meadow Farm
The Farm that I ride and take lessons at is called Spring Meadow Farm. The horses that I mainly ride are Allie(I leased her) ,Brooke, Steeler, Tucker, and Pooh. My riding instructor's name is Rhonda and she is VERY strict.
When you groom a horse, you use the curry comb, the hard brush, the soft brush, the mane and tail comb, and the hoof pick. First I use the curry comb in a circular motion to loosen up dirt and knots from the fur. Then I use the hard and soft brush to brush away the dirt. Next I use the comb to get knots out of the mane and tail. Lastly, I use the hoof pick to get rocks and dirt out f the horse's hooves.
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