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Teaching Informational Text

No description

Olivia Hall

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Informational Text

Strategies for
Teaching Informational Text

Post-It Note Prioritizing
Students place a post-it note on each section or paragraph of text and write down the important information for each section
Summary based
Individual/group assignment
Gallery walk
Evidence Based Questioning
Teacher develops 3-5 evidence based questions for a piece of text
Students locate the answers by highlighting or underlining textual evidence

Text Coding
(>>) I know that
(X) Something that contradicts what I already know
(??) Question, need clarification, or unsure
(+) New, surprising, exciting, fun
(!!) Important, key, or vital
(VIS) I can visualize that.
(//) I made a connection to something in my life, the world, or something I have read.
(ZZZ) This is boring
Word Splash
Teacher previews a text selects key words or concepts
Students review words and write a short paragraph prediciting how the words and concepts work together
Students read the actual text and compare and contrast their
predictions with the text they read
Vocabulary based

Graphic Organizers
Cause & Effect
Compare & Contrast
Text Predictions

Utilizing nonfiction text features, have students predict what they will be reading about

"I think I will learn... because..."
Review Text Features
key words/bold print
table of contents
Class Discussions


Online discussion forums:
Newspapers as Informational Text
Relevant, timely
Students stay informed
Online (free)
Discussion forums
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