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Washington DC Piqua Part 3

By:Nancy Garcia, Jacob Hamilton, Michaela Bell, Sam Debusk

David Riley

on 23 May 2018

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Transcript of Washington DC Piqua Part 3

Washington D.C.
World War II
This memorial is dedicated to the service of 16 million men and women.
Korean War Veterans Memorial
There are 19 cast stainless steel statues.
Fifty-six granite columns show the unity of 48 states, 7 federal territories and the District of Columbia.
A wall of gold stars represents the sacrifice of 405,000 American lives.
On May 12, 1942, Congress passed a bill creating the Woman's Army Auxiliary Corps, otherwise known as the WAAC's.
They average 7 ft 3 inches tall and represent an ethnic cross section of America.
These statues are reflected in the black granite wall.This gives us a total of 38 images. This number represents the 38th parallel as well as the 38 months of the war.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
dedicated on Nov. 13, 1982, this memorial lists over 58,000 names of those who have sacrificed for our freedom.
Air Force Memorial
The Air Force Memorial was opened to the public on October 17,2006.

9/11 Memorial
Arlington Cemetery
Arlington Cemetery is located in Arlington, Virginia. You will cross Arlington Memorial Bridge to enter the main gate.
The Pentagon 9/11 Memorial opened to the public on September 11, 2008.
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
The United States motto, "In God We Trust" is printed on all bills.
Library Of Congress
The three buildings which comprise the Library of Congress are: Jefferson, Adams, and Madison.
Ford's Theatre
Ford Theatre became a living memorial to President Lincoln when it reopened in 1968.
Major Henry R. Rathbone and Miss Clara Harris were Lincoln's guests on the evening of his shooting.
The assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was a well known actor and member of a "Southern Sympathizer" group.

shot on April 14,1865.
died on April 15, 1865.
56 years old when he died.
died at Petersen House (across the street from Ford's.)
The Kennedy Center
Two purposes for the Kennedy Center are:
Nation's Cultural Center
Presidential Memorial

The six theaters the Kennedy Center houses are the:
Theater Lab,
Film Theater,
Concert Hall,
Opera House,
Eisenhower Theater, and
Terrace Theater,
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Korean Conflict has often been called the Forgotten War; the granite wall, the wall of faces
Five important people to the Kennedy Center are:
Dwight David Eisenhower, proposed cultural center
Edward Durell Stone, designed the Kennedy center
Leonard Bernstein conducted the first concert
Abraham Lincoln both were assassinated
Albert Einstein both sculpted by Robert Berks
The Holocaust occurred during World War II.
The Children's Tile Wall is the memorial of the 1.5 million children murdered in the Holocaust and contains over 3,000 tiles.

On the wall by the entrance, you will find the statement "You Are My Witnesses." Isaiah 43:10.
Mount Vernon
George Washington called Mount Vernon his home for more than 45 years.
George Washington expanded the property from 2,000 acres to nearly 8,000.
The property contained five working farms. Washington's primary focus was on expanding the "Mansion House Farm's" eight rooms to the current 23 rooms and passages.
On January 6, 1759, George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis. Martha had two children by her first husband. John Parke (Jacky) and Martha (Patsy)
Washington considered himself a farmer. As a farmer, he experimented in several areas. They are:
seeds and plants,
bred first mules,
crop rotation, and
Mount Vernon consists of four different gardens. They are:
Pleasure Garden [Upper Garden]
Kitchen Garden [Lower Garden]
Botanical Garden [Little Garden]
Fruit Garden and Nursery
Smithsonian Institution
James Smithson was a citizen of Great Britain.
The Smithsonian consists of 15 museums and the National Zoo in the Washington D.C. area.
Moon Rock-National Air & Space Museum

Giant Pandas-National Zoo

Collection of Stamps-National Postal Museum
Burial site of James Smithson-The Castle
The wall was designed Maya Ying Lin of Athens, Ohio.
Eight months later, a sculpture of the "Three Infantrymen" was added.
The wall was made entirely by private funds.
+ means Missing In Action (MIA)
Diamond means death confirmed
Circle with + means MIA found alive
Diamond w a cross thru it means MIA confirmed dead
A second sculpture was added in 1984.
This was the first time women had been honored for their patriotic service. Eight women are listed on the wall.The woman from Ohio Was Sharon Ann Lane.
One cantilevered bench was placed for each of the 184 people that died.
Each bench weighs 1,000 pounds and is 14 feet long.
A limestone block was cut from the damaged wall of the Pentagon.
It is called the Zero Line and was placed at the gateway area of the memorial. It reads: September 11, 2001 at 9:37 A.M.
When reading the victims' name on a bench, you will know if they were on Flight 77 because you look up and see the sky.
The Lee's property was confiscated in 1864 because Mrs. Lee failed to personally pay her property taxes levied against her Arlington Estate.
At Arlington house the flag flies "half-staff" Monday through Friday because an average of 25 funerals occur each day. Half-staff honors them.
Washington Cathedral
James Smithson's donation of more than 100,000 gold sovereigns amounted to more than $500,000.

President James K. Polk signed an Act of Congress on August 10, 1846, to establish the Smithsonian Institution.

George Washington's dream was to build a National Cathedral.

You must have a Cathedra Chair to call a church a cathedral.

It took 83 years to finish the church of this size. (1907-1990)

The Holocaust was a state-run, systematic annihilation of European Jews (and other Ethnic groups) by Nazi Germany and its allies between 1933-1945.
The German dictator during WWII was Adolph Hitler.
The exhibits are divided into three parts:
Nazi Assault,
Final Solution, and
Last Chapter
Daniel's Story is a hands-on exhibit designed for the younger visitors and tells the story of the Holocaust from the perspective of a child.
Three State Funerals and one official burial service have been held here for the following Presidents of the United States:
Ford, and

The Shrine
In 1913, Pope Pius X approved plans for the building of a national shrine but it was not until 1920 that the cornerstone was laid. The church was dedicated in 1959.
The first Pope to ever visit the National Shrine was Pope John Paul II.
Three stainless steel spires soar into the air representing flight and the spirit of the flying.

The Honor Guard Statue is 8 feet tall and represents the patriotism and power.
Mrs. Lee inherited the property from her family. The Title was in her name.
Portraits of the Presidents-Portrait Gallery
Spirit of St. Louis National Air & Space Museum
A collection of Native American artifacts-American Indian Museum
The Peacock Room-Freer Art Gallery
Dorothy's Ruby Slippers & Old Glory American History
Today the size of the cemetery is 624 acres and in 1864 it was 210 acres.
The inscription on the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier says, "Here rest in honor glory an American soldier known but to God."
Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier during World War II, buried in the cemetery.
Two presidents are buried at the Arlington Cemetery, William Howard Taft , and John F Kennedy.
The material used to make our paper money is linen and cotton.
5 new features added starting in 1996 were:
larger, off center portrait
watermark portrait
color-shifting ink
fine-line printing patterns
low-vision feature $20-$50.
The first series of U.S Bank notes were issued in 1861.
The life expectancy of a $1 bill is 18 months.
The primary purpose for the establishment of the Library of Congress is, research needs of Congress and American people.
The Library of Congress is
* the largest library in the world
* has the original Gutenberg Bible printed in 1450
* was housed in the Capitol Building
The smallest book in the Library of Congress is about the size of a period. The name of the book is "Old King Cole"
The Jefferson building is known for its beautiful mosaics.
Arlington House
JFK's Grave site/Eternal Flame
The exterior architecture is Romanesque while the interior is Byzantine style of architecture.
The distance from the floor to the apex of the Great Dome is 159 feet.
The Great Dome
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