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Elizabeth Van Lew

No description

Ally Assalone

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Elizabeth Van Lew

Elizabeth Van Lew Her nickname was Crazy Bet (1) Born (1) October 15 1818
in Richmond Virginia
(1) Family Her parents were John Van Lew and Eliza Van Lew. (1) The family she was born into happened to be very wealthy. (2) The Van Lew's lived in a Mansion on Church Hill, and owned slaves. (1) This is the Van Lew Mansion. (4) (4) Her Life Elizabeth Van Lew was a
southern girl. Her family owned
slaves. She began to have anti-
slavery views, this was after
going to a Quaker school
in Philadelphia. After her
father died, her mother
freed their slaves. Union Spy In 1861, when Virginia
withdrew from being
Unionists, she did not want
to switch to confederate
patriotism like other
Southerners did. Union Spy Continued At the beginning of the war, Van Lew and other Unionists from Richmond, came together to make an underground network. It focused with the Confederate prison system especially. Union Spy During the Civil War she was a spy
for the U.S. Government. She wanted
to end slavery. She brought back
information about Confederate
operations, she gave this information
to the Union Generals. She helped the
escape of the Union prisoners. Van
Lew was called "the most skilled,
innovative, and successful of all
Civil War Spies ever. Continued Ally Assalone Pd. 1 Union Spy Continued (1) (1) (1) (1) Van Lew went with her mother to see the captured Union Soldiers in Richmond, during the summer, 1861.
(1) Union Spy Continued In 1864 Van Lew created relay stations between her home and Union lines. She completely used up her inheritance to pay for the spy ring. After War After the war Elizabeth Van Lew served
as Richmond's Postmistress, Until her
(2) Death She died September 25, 1900, in her home.(6)
Richmond's Shockoe Cemetery, in the Van Lew family plot, was were she was buried.(6)
She died from Natural causes at the age of 81.(6)
When she died she had no money and was a social outcast.(2) Fun Fact Elizabeth Van Lew Was the
only daughter of John Van
Lew.(6) Fun Fact She convinced her family
to free their slaves.(2) Quote From Elizabeth
Van Lew "Slave power crushes freedom of speech and of opinion. Slave power degrades labor. Slave power is arrogant, is jealous and intrusive."

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