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Sir Francis Drake

No description

Sam Aldred

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Sir Francis Drake

When he was 10, Drake became an apprentice on a ship that crossed the English channel. From this experience with sailing Drake learned to navigate with the sun and stars. His family was still very poor so young Drake wanted to become rich by trading slaves like his cousin John Hawkins. Starting To Sail Terrible Trade Drake ventured on 2 slaving journeys with John Hawkins. The second one didn't go so well. When Drake and his cousin stopped in Spain on their way back from South America they were attacked. The Spanish wrecked their ships and killed a bunch of there men Drake did make it back to England and he married Mary Newman Plundering Pirate Drake became an official pirate for queen Elizabeth 1 of England. He wanted revenge on the Spanish for what they did to him on his second slaving voyage. Drake and his pirate crew sailed to Panama South America in 1572. Panama was owned by the Spanish so,of course Drake wanted to steal all of their money. There were a lot of Native Americans in Panama, a couple of them showed Drake the Pacific ocean and he was really compelled to explore it. Drake respected the Native Americans but that didn't stop him from stealing from the spanish. Sir Francis Drake Around 1540 a boy was born named Francis Drake in Devon England. His family was really poor and they had other problems. They weren't Catholic so they were forced out of Devon. Already poor now the Drake family was homeless. The Drakes lived in an old broken boat on the east coast of England. Younger Years Sir Francis Drake Rags To Riches When Drake arrived back in England he was rich and famous. Drake stayed in England for a couple of years. The queen was worried. Queen Elizabeth thought the king of Spain would start a war with England because of all that was stolen. Because of that fear Queen Elizabeth kicked Drake out England. When Drake was allowed back into the country the queen gave Drake one more mission... Sea ready For Circumnavigation Drake was sent out to loot the Spanish, sail around South America, trade, and find the Northwest passage. His ships were called The Pelican,(later named The Golden Hyde) which was his flagship, The Benedict, The Swan, The Marigold and The Elizabeth. The Pelican/Golden Hyde was the flagship because it was the biggest. Drake would command the crew and fleet from The Golden Hyde Wild Waterways Drake left England on November 15th 1577. He wanted to travel through The Straits of Magellan to get the Pacific Ocean. The Straits of Magellan are waterways that run through the southern end of South America. One guy in Drakes crew thought the straits were too dangerous and Drake killed him for doubting the plan. It took Drake 16 days to navigate through The Straits of Magellan. Adventure In The Americas Finally, Drake's fleet of 5 ships sailed into the Pacific ocean. On a Pacific island off the coast of Chile Drake and his crew traded cloth and beads for food and livestock with the Native Americans. The Native Americans then turned around and attacked the English crew. Luckily Drake and the crew got away without any fatalities. Cruising The Coast All of this adventure made Drake want to go home to England. He knew that The Spanish would ambush him on The Straits Of Magellan, so he needed some other means to get to the Atlantic. Drake needed the Northwest passage. Drake looked in California with no luck. He also looked in Ottawa, Canada and he didn't find it. There was a little success in this North American voyage though. Drake claimed part of California that he called New Albion for Britain. Along The Asian Coast Drake knew he could get back to England by sailing West, so that's what he did. Drake sailed to Asia in 1577. He sailed along the South coast of Asia and stopped in India and the Spice Islands to trade. The Spice Islands had a lot of valuable stuff on them like mace, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper. Drake sailed on and reached England after this long journey around the world The King of Spain wanted Drake to be executed but Queen Elizabeth had other plans... Sir Francis Drake was knighted by the queen on the deck of The Golden Hyde in 1581. In 1583 Drakes wife Mary died, he married a woman named Elizabeth Sydenham 2 years later. In 1585 Drake sailed to the Bahamas and raided a Spanish colony, it was a big success! when he got back to England the queen sent him and his cousin John Hawkins to attack the Spanish in the Bahamas. Most of the men on this voyage got a plague. Drake was really sick so all he could to was give orders from bed. Sir Francis Drake died in the Bahamas in 1596. The End! Noble Knight Drake's Death
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