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Allied vs Central Powers

The Allied and the Central Powers was the most important part of WW1. You have to pick a side during the fight for justice

Cameron Sharpe

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Allied vs Central Powers

The Allies vs the Central Powers in World War 1 There are two sides of the war.
The Allies and the Central Powers History Austrian attack invasion of Serbia in response to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. World War One technically began as a strictly European conflict with Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against the Kingdom of Serbia on July 28th, 1914. This brought France into war against Germany on August 3rd, and this development along with Germany's unprovoked invasion of neutral Belgium that same day, caused Great Britain to declare war against Germany on August 4th. Germany declared war upon the Russian Empire on August 1st because Germany refused ltimatum to stand down its mobilization. The Allies The Allies group mainly form by three countries Empire Russia, France and Great
Britain was known as the "Triple Entente". It wasn't until after 1917 when the Western Hemisphere joined WW1. 1914 Serbia
Great Britain 1915 Italy 1916 Portugal
Romania 1917 USA
China 1918
Costa Rica
Haiti By the end of the 1918, the Allies Powers had 26 countries army declaring war upon the Central Powers . The Central Powers The central powers contain
Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria, Ottoman Empire, On October 7, 1879, Germany, Austria, and hungary became the central powers. On 20 May 1882, they were joined by the Kingdom of Italy in what was known as the Triple Alliance. This alliance was intended to be limited to defensive purposes only Italy eventually entered World War I on May 23, 1915, but it fought against Germany and Austria-Hungary rather than with them, because of the land promised them in the Treaty of London made with France and Britain. This treaty promised Italy the Italian-speaking lands of Austria-Hungary and territories in Asia Minor, Africa and the Balkans

Central Powers by date of Armistice Bulgaria: 29 September 1918
Ottoman Empire: 30 October 1918
AustriaHungary: 4 November 1918
German Empire: 11 November 1918
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