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New York Colony

No description

matt dolliver

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of New York Colony

Of this wonderful place
Great Place to live- New York Times
Why Was this Place Founded
The Founder
The Dutch Discovered this fine piece of land and called it New Netherlands. The kings royal brother, James, who was the duke of York, thought that they were a threat, so he sent warships after them. GOD SAVE THE KING! Then the Dutch surrendered in august 1664, and the land was renamed New York
New York was run by a governor and an elected assembly. The governor was chosen by the mighty King of England
Our founder pictured here was the royal James II the Duke of York.
New york Map
Date Founded
Living here is great! You are right by the water and surrounded with other friendly Indian tribes. There is also lots of different terrain like Mountains, Hills, Plains, Rivers, and more!

The date this beautiful place was founded was 1626 By the Dutch and in 1664 the amazing British took over. Huzzah!
New York Colony
Come to the NEW
Capital and Religion
The magnificent capital of this splendid place Is Albany, NY
If you choose wisely and move here you would have the luxury of religious freedom!
Our industries include but are not limited to...
Our trades involve...
.Slave trade



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