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The Internet of Things, Big Data, and Future Media: Implications for Education

Presentation for the BETT Show 2015, London Excel CEntre.

Andy Miah

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of The Internet of Things, Big Data, and Future Media: Implications for Education

by 2020, between 30-50 billion objects connected to the Internet, all speaking to each other, giving instructions.
It's not about the technology
British Gas - Hive control system

Examples of IoT applications
The Internet of Things, Big Data, and Future Media
Implications for Education
Indications of intelligent computing?
"Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large or complex that it becomes difficult to process them using traditional data processing applications.
“While modern technology is often just a new tool or another bolt-on to the classroom, connected devices have the potential to drive new ways of teaching and transform the experience both for students and educators.”(Meyers 2014)
“The 2013 Horizon Report predicts that smart objects will become ubiquitous in higher education by 2017”
Next generation will know when you are getting close to your home and will turn on the heating to ensure it is at the temperature you like,by the time you arrive
You book a hotel online
You receive an email confirmation

The content of that email allows gmail to automatically create an entry in your calendar will all the key info
Big Data underpins social media, governments, e-Commerce.....
Wearable technology, Augmented reality
Nymi Ban
Biometric tracker
Ride On
Google Glass
The IoT in Education
Tag physical objects and collect data about them; monitor programs on oceanography or climate change, watch animals in their natural habitats and collect data about movements using sensors
“Research has shown that access to real-time information and engagement with experts truly impacts learning” (Cisco)
automating registers, developing more secure environments, promoting energy saving, tracking resources and use,
"One teacher per child" Steve Wozniak
Applications of Big Data
Monetizing social media

Streamlining government processes

Genome Sequencing
At 200 terabytes – the equivalent of 16 million file cabinets filled with text, or more than 30,000 standard DVDs – the current 1000 Genomes Project data set is a prime example of big data, where data sets become so massive that few researchers have the computing power to make best use of them
2 BIG ideas that are enabled by this technological shift
Google Cardboard
Using Big Data in Education
Sharing insights into learning experience /

Tracking performance and building feedback stories /

Evaluate learning Experience /

Share insights across institutions /
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