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How Did Women's Role In Society Change From The Late 1800s T

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Xander P

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of How Did Women's Role In Society Change From The Late 1800s T

The women's role was generally confined to the domestic sphere; they were expected to take care of the house, the children, and the husband. The man owned the woman, and therefore the woman was under the control of the man. Even girls had to learn how to take are of the household at an early age. To add on to that... The women would teach the girls how to become a good mother and wife when the time came.
During the 1800s, the role of women began to change drastically. During the Industrial Revolution, women began to uphold jobs that previously only men could. Women workers were especially common in the textile industry where they were provided boarding. This was the start of the Lowell System, and many rural women moved to cities to participate in this system. Women were also living healthier and longer lives, due to a decreased mortality in childbirth, allowing them more freedom to do as they please.
How Did Women's Role In Society Change From The Late 1800s Till Pre WWI?
Until 1891, husbands were allowed by law to beat their wives with a stick no thicker than a man’s thumb and to lock them in a room if they wished. Education was not available to working class women but, at the end of the nineteenth century, some of the universities began to accept a few wealthy women to study degree courses like at Oxford University. However, the women at that time were educated separately from the men.
They would also make sure that the home was peaceful and organized when the father came home from work. Women took care of the house hold. They cooked, sewed, knitted, weaved, milked the cows and took care of the children.
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