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What is Science?

No description

Daniel Shay

on 19 August 2012

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Transcript of What is Science?

What do we do in Science? Aristotle said it first! Umm. What is this place? We answer questions rationally! Where did it come from? Made of tin Lapis Lazuli Holes in the sky Upside down bowl Filled with Gems Stars? 3000 b.c. 5,000 year old math lesson! ~540 b.c. 8 7 5 6 Perfect numbers! Plato Aristotle Scuttle = Wise old Sumerian That seems
about right... Whats "life" all about? Irrational numbers are scary... 6 28 Add up the divisors and you get ... 496 427 b.c. 384 b.c. What about them Ancient Egypt

~2,000 b.c. Let no one
ignorant of
enter here. Ancient Sumer Ancient Questions The Center of the Universe Life came from the sea! Based on observation and experimentation. They made it all up! Pythagoras
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