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Reverend Paris

The Cruciuble

Will Pennington

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Reverend Paris

Reverand Samuel Parris Goals One of Reverand Parris's main goals is to prove that no witchcraft is taking place in his house, his church or the town of Salem. His daughter however is not waking up which lead to signs of witchcraft. The Crucible Another one of Reverend Parris's main goals was money. He complained of his meager wages and always insisted that he should deserve more for what he did. Priorities One of Reverend Parris's main priorities is himself. He wants to keep his reputation as a minister. He is afraid that if people believe that there is witchcraft in his own household, then he will lose his spot as a minister. He shows this selfish behavior once more in the court when he intentionally lies to the judge. Actions Reverend Parris's actions were not all to uncommon for a minister. During the play he did perform some priestly duties as in reading a psalm to the people. However all his actions were not. He lied in the courthouse to the judge about what he saw, Fears Losing his ministry
Getting killed
His Reputation Actions Read Psalms to the people in the church
Testified in the court
Lied to save his reputation
Feelings about himself He is a noble man of God He Deserves more respect than what he gets He should earn more money than he does Feelings about John Proctor He feels he is not in tune with God He believes that he is liar Does not respect him
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