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Gobi Jerboa

No description

Joseph Salinas-Cruces

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Gobi Jerboa

My animal is from the desert.The desert is called The Gobi Desert.

What does are your animal use for self defense ?
by Joseph salinas-cruces

Animals that live in its community are the turky vulture,ring-tail cat,mule deer,roadrunner,fringe-toed lizard,scorpion, spadefoot toad, jackrabbit.
What other animals live in its community ?
Is your animal a vertebrate or invertebrate ? what group does it belong to ?
My animal is from the rodents family and it is an vertebrate.
Where my animal is from ?
gobi jerboa
What is the name of your animal ? What does your look like?
The name of my animal is called the Gobi Jerboa. It looks like a cross between a rat and a kangaroo. The body looks like a rat, the ears of a kangaroo, and the tail of a cross between a dog and a horse.
It uses camouflage and running.
Is your animal a vertebrate or invertebrate ? What group does it belong to?
My animal is from the rodent family and it is an vertebrate.
Is your animal a carnivore,herbivore or omnivore ?
It is a omnivore ?
What are the predators of your animal ?
What does your animal eat ?
Where is your animal on the food chain ?
The predators are the owls,snakes,foxes,Jack Rabbits,and wild cats
My animal eats insects.
The food chain for my animal is,first owl,second gobi jerboa, third insects, fourth plants.
What are 3 interesting facts about your animal ?
While unrelated,the jerboa,the Australian hopping mouse and the North American kangaroo rat have all developed similar adaptation to sandy,arid environments, providing an example of convergent evolution.

Extremely shy and elusive, the Jerboa evades nearly any attempt at capture. However, said the Encyclopedia Britannica,9th Edition, The Arabs...succeed, It is said in this by close up all the exits from the burrows with a single exception, by which therefore they are forced to come, and over which a is placed for capture.

Relative to the length of its front legs, the Jerboa's back legs are longer than those of the kangaroo, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, 9th Edition.
What is your animals life cycle ?
Its born develops but slowly reproduce and dies.
Why resources did you use to find you information.
I found it on...


Desert USA.com


Edge Evolutionarly Distinct and Globally Endangered

video of Gobi Jerboa
Gobi Jerboa in the Gobi Desert, Molgolia
How have humans impacted your animal ?
How humans are hurting this animal is by disturbing them and bringing livestock to their area.
gobi jerboa
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