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Discovery Communications

Presentation for Communication Technologies and Organizations Class

Natalie Kakovitch

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Discovery Communications

Internal Communications/IT Departments Discovery Employee Role of Internal Communications Department How internal communicates with employees Technologies/Tools Implemented Employee Attitudes Towards Technology Employee Engagement Collaboration Among Employees IC = Middlemen
Editorial aspects of information on company portal
Balancing Act of where to put what information when
"Somewhere between air traffic control and short
order cook" Message decides medium
Audience decides medium
Company portal is globally focused One Discovery Portal
* Comapany News
* Industry Buzz
* Bulletin Board
Mobile Portal
Email- Lotus Notes
Quickr- wiki tool
FTP sites/share drive- file sharing
Discovery Rewards Site- country specific
site with employee benefit information
"Tech Talk"

Bulletin Board- non-work related topics
DC Ideas interface- work related suggestions which
can be private or available for others to see
"Tech Talk" - video discussion with Cheif Technology Officer

"The good thing about what we have is that nothing is broken and
everything is still getting out there easily and well received and people are still really well engaged." HESITATION to use certain platforms/tools:
*update portal- employees forget how to
*Hesitation to use Quickr wiki
*Thousands smaller wiki project sites as opposed to one
large company wiki --Company culture
* Other options--- FTP sites and shared drive
FRUSTRATION when technology doesn't always work
*Search Engine on Portal
"Products that we offer are just expcted to work, like the taps in your house. And when they stop working its a huge pain right? Email is just like that, people just want it to work without thinking about it."
APPRECIATION of certain platforms/tools:
*Positive Experiences with Quickr for managing reports
*Discovery Rewards site provides locally relevant content
Preferred Mediums Audience and Intent of the message: Is it one-way and pushed? Is it a discussion?
Usually prefer face-to-face ---facillitates discussion with non-verbal cues
IM perfect for quick convos
Emails for sending out press summaries---doesn't open dialogue
"Email is a broadcast tool. It is not an effective tool for dialogue and dialogue is the currency of a communicator."
FTP site for document trade
High-Ambiguity Situations Multiple Channels
Swing by office or phoneto have discussion
Follow up with an email
Mobile Platforms Positively: increased speed of decision making
Negatively: less thoughtful answers, always expected to
be accessible Quickr wiki: project sites:Effective management of reports by some groups
Recognize need to collaborate with non-employees
"It would be easy to set up some sort of social software that would be used
only by employees but we recognize that people want to collaborate in a social
way with groups that include employees and non-employees so we have to
address those challenges: how to balance security of Discovery confidential
information with the need to collaborate with outside parties."
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