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ERP UI and You: A Love Story.

ERP UI is here! This presentation gives a brief overview of the product & describes how to begin using the framework.

Juliana Murphy

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of ERP UI and You: A Love Story.

ERP UI and you: A love story or, How to Bring Up a Page in ERP UI So...we're still, um, doing this? yes! There may be a lot of flux regarding our ERP at the moment, but in the meantime... ...there is work to be done! ...and high UI standards to be met! We are still legally (and morally) obligated to make our apps accessible. We still have applications to build. We are still morally obligated not to torture our users with a bad interface. And, we still have adorably tiny timelines in which to do these things. But, luckily... ERP UI is HERE!!! What is this thing, again? ERP UI consists of 2 Django libraries: erp_core_lib erp_core_static erp_core_lib contains all the Django code & templates. erp_core_static contains all the static media, such as images, CSS, & JavaScript. All of the features provided in these libraries are organized around the concepts of entities, actions, and page types. what is an Entity? An entity is any person, place, thing, or concept that has meaning in our administrative processes. Employee Account Document Cart Transfer Location Budget Basically, entities are the nouns within our processes. what is an action? An action is something you do to or with an entity. Basically, actions are the verbs within our processes. what is a page type? Although business processes vary widely, ERP web applications tend to do many of the same things over and over. Basically, page types are the sentences within our processes where we bring all our entities and actions together in familiar ways. Edit/Update Route Add Delete Reclassify Transfer Check Balance Display information Search for entities Route documents Lead a user through a process The currently available page types are: entity page
search page
wizard page
document review page
document section page
document all-in-one page
links page
modal page
popup page You can learn more about each page type in the Style Guide, but for now, we're going to take this thing for a spin! live action erp ui!!! Resources Style Guide https://utdirect.utexas.edu/erp/styleguide/index.html PyHouse https://dpdev1.dp.utexas.edu/apps/erpui/pyhouse/ Application Registry https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/registry/appreg/ Basically, ERP UI is an interface framework for administrative applications at The University of Texas at Austin. Similar to UTDirect, it provides a consistent look and feel for users through the use of a common color scheme and navigation structure. ERP UI, however, provides more than just a framework. ERP UI provides a full toolset of templates & page elements to help you provide a more deeply consistent experience to all of our users. We *could* do this with a bunch of screenshots in a presentation, but since it's just going to be you & the Style Guide back at your desk... Let's go to the Style Guide!!! btw..."Style Guide" is just our fancy name for "all of the documentation & examples you could ever want*". *actually, all the documentation & examples we've been able to produce
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