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Why choose 'The University of Waterloo'?

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Arielle DeHaan

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Why choose 'The University of Waterloo'?

Waterloo Residences
Where do I live?
“Where do you fit in at residence? With over 4,700 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students living on campus, a vibrant community awaits!”
Why choose 'The University of Waterloo'?
'Ideas Start Here'
First-Time Inquirer about The University of Waterloo
UOW Seekers!
UWaterloo Programs
It's ALL downhill from there!
Hard Decisions!
Chosen Waterloo but.........
What's so special about Waterloo?

Contains approximately 35,000 full- and part-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs
Research-intensive university with over 1,000 full-time faculty members
Strong international presence, with more than 350 partnerships in 60 countries around the world
34% of graduates and 12% of undergraduates are international students
Why Waterloo?
Why pick Waterloo University? Founded in 1957 in the heart of southwestern Ontario, Canada’s most innovative university is the right choice for you!
Offers over 300 courses and more than a dozen undergraduate and graduate degrees online
Rated Canada’s best overall university for 18 of the last 21 years
Largest faculty of engineering in Canada
Largest actuarial science program in North America
World’s first kinesiology department
Boasts the world’s largest post-secondary cooperative education program of its kind

#1 research university

Waterloo has been ranked Canada's #1 comprehensive research university in the annual Canada Top 50 Research Universities survey.

**This means that Waterloo is one of the best places in the country for learning about leading-edge discoveries directly from the people who are making them – your professors.

Offers 19 varsity sports which compete against other universities
Waterloo competes against other universities in 19 varsity sports
High performance athletes have access to specialized athletic therapy and conditioning
Waterloo student-athletes have won CIAU (Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union) championships and competed internationally, including graduates who have won medals at the Olympics!

“When you live in residence, you’ll get more than just a room close to your classes. Residence life is a total experience.”
Waterloo Residence:
Waterloo residency provides you with a chance to collect a pay cheque and prepare for your future career – There are various different paid and volunteer positions offered every term
The diverse population at the University of Waterloo means you’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world!
Success in residence means cooperation, consideration, compromise, and respect

Double room floorplan
Interconnecting room floorplan
Single room floorplan

The Graduate Studies Office (GSO) will collaboratively advance innovative business processes to support the graduate community and achieve the University’s goals.


To support excellence in graduate education through leadership, collaboration and shared expertise
Best overall university- #2 in Canada
Best Source of Leaders of Tomorrow – #2 in Canada

"Second place is not a defeat. It's a stimulation to get better. It makes you even more determined."
Waterloo Professors:

The University of Waterloo owes much of its reputation and stature to the quality of its eminent professors
University of Waterloo recognizes exceptional scholarly achievement and international pre-eminence through the designation “University Professor”
Once appointed, a faculty member retains the designation for life.

University of Waterloo Alumni!

More than 169,000 people have graduated from the University of Waterloo since its establishment in 1957
18,042 alumni have 2 University of Waterloo degrees
1,232 alumni have 3 University of Waterloo degrees
58 alumni have 4 degrees from Waterloo
58% of our alumni are male, 42% female

More than 133,000 live in Canada
30,000+ live in the Kitchener-Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph/Stratford area
8,000+ live in the United States
More than 6,000 live outside of Canada and the U.S.
Of those alumni who have kept in touch with us:
Quick Facts:
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