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Justin Bieber

No description

Mackenzie B

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin was born March 1st 1994, and grew up in Stratford ON Canada, with his single mom.
Justin grew up with only an 18 year old single mom and his grandparents.
Justin's mom being the young age she was, didn't have a very high paying job. So Justin never had any musical or vocal lessons.
Justin's single "Pray" sent all the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross foundation after the tsunami.
Justin Bieber has made huge impact on people all over the world but especially on Canadians. He went from being a small town canadian boy, to a big time pop star hitting the top charts starting at the age of 15!
Justin attended St.Michael Secondary School before having his big break
Quick Fact!
7 out of 7, of Justin's songs from his My World album hit the Billboard Top 100.
Justin has now sold 15 million albums all over the world.
Justin got discovered over Youtube, with videos his mom posted of him singing so his relatives in cities farther away could listen to him. In 2008 Scooter Braun, a recording artist came across a few of Justin's videos and instantly fell in love with Justin's talent and called him right away looking to meet him.
Quick Fact!
Scooter Braun introduced Justin to Usher just a week after arriving in L.A, who also was amazed by the talent and agreed to working with him.
When the Japanese Earthquake hit, Justin rallied support over the internet for his fans to donate to the Pencils and Promise organization that helps further worldwide education.
Quick Fact!
So you can now see how inspirational Justin Bieber really is. He is a great example of someone who achieved his amazing dream, and is still accomplishing it and inspiring canadians all over!
After cancelling a show for the first time, Justin bounced back and made an appearance two days later. "I'm tough. I'm a Canadian," he tweeted.
Quick Fact!
For each ticket sold on the My World 2.0 tour, Justin took one dollar and donated it to Pencils of Promise.
Justin is a great example of someone who grew up with barley anything, to someone who accomplished their amazing dream!
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