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Alice Draper

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Alice Draper

Medal of Honor Recipeints
John J. McGinty III
Thomas R. Norris
Wesley L. Fox
William E. Adams
Norris was a Navy Seal and Adams was in the Army
Adams was a helicopter pilot, none of the others were
Adams passed in the war, as the others did not
Norris traveled in enemy territory
We feal that these men who served showed a great amount of bravery and sacrifice for the safety of our country and its people.
All four men participated in the vietnam war
McGinty and Fox were both in the marines
Norris and Fox are still living today
Adams and Norris both went out on a rescue mission
Alice Draper
isabel pliska

John J. McGinty III
January 21, 1940- January 17, 2014
Marine Corps Officer
Vietnam War
provided rear security to protect the withdrawal of the platoon from a position which had been under attack for three days
encouraged wounded men to keep firing
inspired others
Thomas R. Norris
January 14, 1944-present
Navy Seal
led an unprecedented ground rescue for two downed pilots
April 10, he led a five man patrol through 2,000 meters of heavily controlled enemy territory
disguised himself as a fisherman, and covered the pilot in vegetation to return back safely
an air strike provided cover for them to get back to the FOB
Wesley L. Fox
Sep. 31, 1931- present day
U.S Marines
Fox had beeen assessing a situation of the ensimes with his platoon leaders, as he has exiting the situation enimes fired
Fox was wounded but continued to direct his company through enemy fire
He directed fire with grenades against the enemy
Supervised the prepration of casualties for medical evacuation
William E. Adams

June 16, 1939- May 25, 1971
U.S Army
Adams volunterred to fly a helicopter to evacuate 3 seriously wounded soldiers
enemies open fired at him, yet he continued his mission
On his way back with the soldiers enemies continued to fire and the helicopter started fall
Attempted emergancy landing
Helicopter exploded and Adams was killed
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