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careers final presentation!

No description

Emil Buo

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of careers final presentation!

Occupational Availability for Firefighters
Expected Growth in Employment Demand for a Firefighter
Unemployment For Firefighters
The unemployment rate for firefighters is
expected to decrease
because there is more demand for firefighters, and the baby boomers are retiring. This means more opportunities for young firefighters
Post-Secondary Schools Offering Training Or Education To Becoming A Firefighter
The Main Responsibilities of a Firefighter.
Employment Benefits For A Firefighter
Hours of work
Second Job
Early Retirement
Emil Buo
Description of Occupation

Standard Income Range for a Firefighter
To much pay, to little work.
Extra money.
Fire stations vary in size
Four to one
Are extremely hazardous
Can turn into respiratory diseases
The Work Environment for a Firefighter
The Most Important Skills for a Firefighter
Mental strength
Mental strength.

I need to improve on all the skills as often as I can but there is two I need to work the most on, they are my organizational skills and physical skills.
Challenges And Rewards For A Firefighter
Working 24 hours with no guarantied break
Not mixing personal live with the job
Stay focused
A high risk work environment
Mentally challenging

Respect from the community
Two days off between each workday
Relatively good salary
You can work out during working hours
Natural high from helping the community
Why Being A Firefighter Interests Me
physical activity
variation in tasks
little post-secondary training
the salary
the role in the community is in line with my values
keeping the community safe
the fire engines and equipment
driving big trucks
possibility to use technology
continuous development of improved methods
promotion opportunities
Negative Factors
There is a
higher risk
of getting different types of
cancers and other respiratory diseases
because of the exposure to the gases from burning material.

Durham College
Centennial College
St. Lawrence College
The One That I Chose Was...
St. Lawrence College
I chose St. Lawrence even though all the colleges had the same
basic description
of the program it had the
little extra
. On their page there was a
video about their program
where you got to meet some students and hear their experience. They also stated that
their classes has less students
in them which usually equals better interaction with the teacher. The college has
large training grounds
works hand in hand with two local fire departments.
Housing in the area is also
than the area around the other schools.
• Grade 12 English at the C or U level
• Grade 11 Math at the C or U level
• Grade 11 or 12 Chemistry at the C or U level
• Grade 11 or 12 Biology at the C or U level (optional Exercise Science Grade 11)

Current Basic Cardiac Life Support (Level C) and Standard First Aid Certificate are also required before starting the program.

Cost of program
$12,671 for a Canadian citizen (additional costs such as textbooks, supplies, transportation, etc are not included)

The cost of the program for an International student is $27,046 (additional costs such as textbooks, supplies, transportation, etc are not included)
Expected demand for firefighters for the future in BC
The demand for firefighters in Canada is constantly increasing with increasing opportunities for employment.
This is the expected unemployment rate for firefighters in BC
Canada's opportunities for firefighters are continuously increasing. The reason for this is there is both many jobs as a
public firefighter
as well as an
industrial firefighter
. Industrial firefighters work for a private company and therefore have more normal work weeks. They work at factories and plants.
Advancement Opportunities
Fire Inspection
Volunteer Firefighting
Ministry of Natural Resources
Fire Prevention and Public Education
Canadian Military
Airport authority as an Airport Firefighter
Industrial firefighter
Fire Marshal
Forest firefighter
Firefighters do more than just firefighting, they also do:
Water rescue
Search and rescue
Community service
Rescue cats down from trees... ;)
Description of Occupation
Mandatory Orientation
There is no real entrance exam required to enter the program, but there is a mandatory orientation. There you will be required to participate in a series of tests to measure or illustrate your academic, mental and physical ability. The tests are used so students can understand the strict requirements and expectations of firefighter’s duties.
Length of Program
Three semesters over the course of one year
Is an Internship Required?
It is not required to attend the program
Are Special Tests Required To Enter The Profession After School?
The fire department may give you aptitude tests designed to measure your:
Ability to understand written and verbal information and instructions
Technical and mechanical skills
Reading, reasoning and mathematical skills
Additional training
In addition to the
"Pre-Service Firefighter Education & Training"
program you can go into the "Fire Protection Engineering Technician" program.
If you successfully complete the firefighter program you can apply to the Ontario Fire College and receive your
“Firefighter Certificate of Achievement.”
Since 1998, the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs arrange the
"Northeastern Fire Education Conference"
annually, this is to continuously educate firefighters in their occupation.

-have a tough and important job by serving the community.
-risk their lives to save lives and property.
-work two 24hour days a week and often have a second job.
-grant a full pension at the age of 55.
-salary is between $40.000 and $90.000.
-work in extremely hazardous places.
-acquire many skills and challenges/rewards.
-have additional tasks to firefighting

The Skills I Believe I Have
Potential Barriers
I have to overcome some of my
. It might not be hard because you are so focused on the tasks you have to complete.
Description of Occupation
Occupational Availability for Firefighters
"Pre-Service Firefighter Education & Training"
Taking out fires (buildings, cars, etc.)
Assist in other emergencies
Service equipment
Service and operate firetrucks
Fire prevention (visiting houses/schools, etc.)
Additional tasks
The college program "Pre-Service Firefighter Education & Training" prepares firefighters for their job (probationary)
St.Lawrence is a good college (Brockville)
After completing the program you can apply to Ontario Fire College and earn your “Firefighter Certificate of Achievement.”
There are four high schools prerequisites, Current Basic Cardiac Life Support and a Standard First Aid Certificate required before starting the program.
The price of the program is $12,671 or $27,046 dependent on your nationality
There is a mandatory orientation before entering the program, there your academic, mental, and physical ability will be tested
The length of the program is one year, three semesters, and there is no internship required
The fire department may give you an aptitude test before entering the job and there are additional training available
There are promotion opportunities and they happen with additional training and experience

4th Class Firefighter
3rd Class Firefighter
2nd Class Firefighter
1st Class Firefighter
Promotion Opportunities for a Firefighter
Be legally entitled to work in Canada (i.e. a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant or have a work permit)
Possess the prescribed visual requirements of 20/30 in each eye without corrective lenses and satisfactorily complete a colour vision test
Be educated to a minimum of Grade 12 level or equivalent
Be capable of handling intense and sustained physical effort
Successfully complete an aptitude test and interview
Hold and produce a valid Ontario driver’s licence, and have a good driving record
Possess or obtain during the probationary period a Class “D” licence with a “Z” air brake endorsement
Understand and be able to communicate in English
Be willing to sign a waiver and/or a release form prior to participating in job-related performance tests
Pass a health and medical evaluation, and fitness assessment
Undergo timed, physically demanding job-related performance tests
Be certified in CPR/first aid
Qualification to Become a Firefighter
(Unit group 6262)
Employment by Level of Schooling
General Statistics for Firefighters
Occupational Availability
The demand for firefighters in Canada is expected to continuously grow
The unemployment rate is expected to decrease because of retiring baby boomers
The opportunities are increasing because there are both jobs in public firefighting and in industrial firefighting
There are many advancement opportunities such as airport firefighter.
The age group with the most firefighters is 25-44 years and there are more males that are firefighters than females
The Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for all Ontario fire departments, and reporting information to the Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners
Fire Marshal
The Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners
Each province and territory
Principal adviser
Maintains comprehensive data on fires
Fire Station
Fire Station
Fire Station
3x Captains
min 9x firefighters
3x Captains
min 9x firefighters
3x Captains
min 9x firefighters
Main Fire Station
Main Fire Station
Main Fire Station
Office of the Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal
Fire Chief(s)
Deputy Fire Chief(s)
Assistant Deputy Chief(s)

Fire Chief
Deputy Fire Chief
Assistant Deputy Chief
min 9x firefighters

District Chief
2x Captains
min 9x firefighters
District Chief
2x Captains
min 9x firefighters
Thanks for listening!
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