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Layers of the Atmosphere!

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Michael Kistler

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Layers of the Atmosphere!

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Layers of the Atmosphere!
The Troposphere is a layer of the Atmosphere located the bottom of the atmosphere. The Troposphere is -60 Celcius Degrees. The range of the troposphere would be -60 Degrees Celcius to -20 Degrees Celcius. Farenheit would be -76 degrees to -4 Degrees Fahrenheit. The altitude of the troposphere is 0-12 Kilometers but if you convert it to miles it would be 0-7.45645. In the troposphere the natural phonemena is mostly stuff involving weather. Some man-made objects in the Troposphere are stuff involving air pollution. The troposphere is the layer closest to earth.
The Stratosphere
How the word ‘Stratosphere’ was formed was Strato- is similar to stratum which means layer or spreading out. The Stratosphere is located 12- 50 kilometers above land and it is under the Mesosphere and above the Troposphere and if you happen to travel into the Stratosphere, the temperature is -60 degrees C and about -75 degrees F . The range is -60 to 0 degrees C. The lowest altitude is 7.245 miles and the highest is 38.068 miles. The natural phenomena is The Ozone layer in the Stratosphere absorbs ultraviolet radiation. The man made objects that people have up in the Stratosphere are mostly weather balloons.
The Mesosphere
How they named this Mesoh means middle and it is right because the Mesosphere is in the middle of the atmosphere. The Mesosphere is located 50-80 Kilometers and it is Below Thermosphere and Ionosphere and above the Stratosphere. The range of temperature in the Mesosphere is 0 to -90 degrees celsius and 32 to -180 degrees fahrenheit. The lowest altitude in the Meosphere is 31.0686 and the highest is 49.7097. The natural phenomina is when meteors enter the Mesosphere, they burn up and produce meteor trails. The man made objects that enter the Mesosphere are Sounding rockets that can just enter the Mesosphere and don’t orbit.

The Thermosphere
How they got the word thermosphere is because therm- means heat because the temperature up in the thermosphere is 1800 Celsius. It is located above 80 Kilometers and the usual temperature is 1800 degrees celcius. the really isn’t range because the Thermosphere can go on forever, or it is proven to be a height in which it stops, so right now, the range is really -90 C and -130 degrees F degrees until the hottest temperature until proven but mostly is is 1800 degrees celcius. The natural phenomena is there is no definite outer limit to the Thermosphere. Man made objects that enter the Thermosphere is Satelites.
The Ionsphere
The Ionsphere is located at the top of the atmosphere inside the thermosphere. The ionosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that reflects radio waves coming to it.
The Exosphere is the outer layer of the atmosphere. It is located above 550 kilometers. The exosphere's role is when you make a long distance phone call or watch T.V, it travels to a wsatellite and orbits through the atmosphere and then comes back down.
The Troposphere
The Ozone Layer
The Ozone Layer is the layer in the atmosphere that holds ozone. It also holds 90% of the worlds Ozone. if the Ozone layer wasn't there, we would be fried to death.
The Pauses
The tropopause is the pause of temperature between the troposphere and the stratosphere. The role of the Tropopause is to stop the temperature from changing between the two layers.
The Stratopause:
The Stratopause is the interface between the stratosphere and the ionosphere. What the Stratopause does is it is the boundary between the Stratosphere and the Mesosphere.
The Mesopause:
The Mesopause is the boundary in the earth's atmosphere between the mesosphere and the thermosphere, at which the temperature stops decreasing with increasing height and begins to increase. The role of it is it is the pause of temperature between the two layers of the atmosphere.
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