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Physical Features

No description

Kenyshka Crespo

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Physical Features

Physical Features
The Sahel is a Semiarid, fairly dry area that lies between the Sahara and regions to the south that receive more rainfall.

The Congo basin hosts Africa's largest network of navigable rivers, or rivers that ships can pass through
The physical features of West and Central Africa are rich and varied. They range from vast deserts to dense rain forests.
West and Central Africa boasts some of the largest drainage in the world
Question 1
What is the largest body of water in Sahel ?
Question 2
Which river drains most of Central Africa ?
Question 3
What feeds the Congo through most of the year ?
Question 4
The physical features of ______ and _____ Africa are rich and varied.

1. Lake Chad
2. Congo River
3. Heavy rainfall
4. West and Central
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