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Cultural Approach to Organizations

No description

Jess Pellegrene

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Cultural Approach to Organizations

Cultural Approach to Organizations
by: Clifford Geertz & Micheal Pacanowsky By: Lauren Kessler
Jessica Pellegrene
Charlie Peterson
Steve Chesness What do you think a Culture is?

How do you define it? Discussion Questions Webs of significance; systems of shared meaning.

Cultural Performance
Actions of members in a culture.
Google Culture What types of Cultures/organizations are you apart of? Discussion List of Cultural Organizations Sport teams NFL
HAIS Republican
High School Liberal
Bennie Tribes McDonalds Liberal Arts
Johnnie NHL Churches Dorm Rooms
Corporate vs Stores (Target)
Nursing Majors
Band Democrat
Dance Team Ethnography mapping out social discourse.

discovering who people within a culture think they are.

They observe, record, and analyze a culture interpreting signs and gain meanings.

Interpretation has to be based on " Thick Description" Why do you think it is important to understand the different cultural differences/aspects of an organization? Why Do you think it is important to be an Ethnographer? Metaphors Stories Corporate Stories: Tales that carry management ideology and reinforce company policy.

Personal Stories: Tales told by employees that put them in a favorable light.

Collegial Stories: Positive or negative anecdotes about others in the organization; descriptions of how things “really work”. Ritual Way it has always been and always will be.

Definition: Texts that articulate multiple aspects of cultural life, often marking rites of passage or life transitions.

Examples: sport pre-games, in sorority/fraternities, clubs (Initiation-process) Discussion What are some of the rituals that you perform in the cultures/organizations that you are apart of? Game Offers a starting place for ethnographers in a corporate culture.

Clarify specific situations with images that are more familiar with the receiver.

For Example: Hail Mary Thick Description record of the intertwined layers of common meaning that underlie what a particular people say and do.

Geertz Example- Winking Discussion Stories Corporate Stories- tales that carry management ideology and reinforce company policy.

Personal Stories- Tales told by employees that put them in a favorable light.

Collegial Stories- Positive or negative anecdotes about others in the organization. How they really work. This Theory is Important Because... adopts and refines the qualitative research methodology of ethnography.

clarification of values.

nonjudgmental in their interpretation
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