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Margaret Catherine Moore

No description

emily Love

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Margaret Catherine Moore

Margaret Catherine Moore Barry
By: Emily Love

Margaret Catherine Moore was born on November 11, 1752 in a town called Anson, South Carolina. She was raised in the small town Anson. She had dark hair, was tall, and thin.

Childhood into early adulthood
Margaret was also known as Kate. She grew up in Anson with her mother Mary Moore, her father Professor Charles Moore, and her 9 siblings. She was the oldest out of 10 children. At the young age 15 she married Captain Andrew Barry, they got married at the Walnut Grove Plantation.
After Margaret and Andrew wed they had 11 children. They lived and raised there children in spartanburg, South Carolina. Margaret volunteered to help aid the soldiers, but when her husband died at war she took his place. She also was asked by General George Washington to help convince more people to join the patriots in the war.
On September 29,1823 Margaret died in South Carolina. Margaret was buried at Walnut Grove Plantation in Spartanburg country which is in South Carolina. She will be remembered for knowing every inch of the land and being a heroine in the revolutionary war. I would like to meet her because she was one of the few women who fought in her husbands place.
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