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Cosplay 101

Updated 2016:

Jasmine James

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of Cosplay 101

It's Done!
"I don't look like anyone that i want to cosplay..."
What to Cosplay?
From One Cosplayer to another
Common Sources
What Is It?
short for "costume play"
performance art or hobby
costumes to represent a specific character or idea
aka: When you dress up as something/someone that you want to represent

Many Creative Ways
to Cosplay
Why is Cosplay getting so Popular?
Cosplay? or Cost-Pay?
Tv shows
Inanimate objects
Internet - Cosplayers Connect!
Society is changing
Share pictures
Trade stories
Cosplaying is now "mainstream"
Highly anticipated and grossing Movies - comic books
Most cosplayers make their costumes.
Using the actual character as a reference.
But not everyone is a seamstress.
So what can you do?
3 Methods to
Obtain a Cosplay
Cheap and well made but not fast.
Choose a simpler concept of the character

Fast and Well made,
but not cheap
Fast and Cheap,
but not well made.
Shiny Satin Fabric is Cheap...But Resist the Urge to use it unless the character's clothing is actually shiny.
The Ways to Get a Cosplay
Fast. Cheap. Well made.
Pick 2 and you sacrifice the other
Make it Yourself
Learning, practicing, planning, improvising, testing, researching
Enlist help!
Others Cosplayers? Friends? Mom, dad? Grandma?
Give Yourself Enough Time!
What You Can Do:
Don’t limited to japan
(Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney)
Don’t limited to Human
(Pokemon, animals, Mascots)
Don’t be limited to living creatures
(Consoles, Websites, Programs)
Ready for your Final? :D
Celebs showing up
Strike a Pose!
Ways to improve your experience!
Safety pins
super glue
more than 3 days? -small sewing kit
Nervous? Bring a Friend!
Duo? Trio?
(Even the BEST cosplay looks bad standing still!)
Always Have Emergency Supplies on Hand
1. What is "Cosplay" short for?

2. We talked about
Video Games
being huge inspirations for Cosplay ideas. What is another medium?

3. Why are BIG Costumes troublesome at busy conventions?

4. In a perfect world, a cosplay would be These 3 things. But in reality we can only choose 2 at the expense of the other. What are these 3 things?

5. If you learn Anything from from cosplay 101 remember These 4 things: What were the 2 of the 4 rules I asked you to always remember?

Bonus: Can you name the other 2 Rules?
Keep in mind!
People will want to take your picture!
Don't Worry!
Be flattered!
All your hard work is being noticed!

Modify your

Represent the Character!

Make the decision:
Of Course You Don’t.
That's the Essence of Cosplay.
Cosplay for fun?
Cosplay for accuracy?
Be comfortable
Be creative
Suit your body type
Cheaper costumes are usually the simpler ones or VERY popular characters
$50 - $150 dollars.
No shoes, or accessories, no wig

If you can imagine it, You can do it
What you Can do Instead:
One Week Isn’t Enough For This:
How much we talkin'?
Online shops and cosplay commissioners are more than
happy to make you a costume exactly how you want it
Where can you get commissions?
Cosplay.com, Ebay, Deviantart, Etsy.
PROTIP: Send them measurements of EVERYTHING
(shoulders, biceps, bust, etc)
$250+ for complete costume
Full custom outfit ($150 -$200)
Shoes ($ 50 – $100)
No wig? ($30 -100)
Anything Cheaper?
Buy only the parts that you can’t make on your own.
(Wigs, Shoes, Accessories)
Hire a Seamstress!
....for a price
COSPLAY 101, Remember These FOUR things!
Rule 1:
Go easy on the duct tape and Aluminum Foil.
It makes a fine base material and adhesive, but not as a outter covering.
Don't use it as a substitute for paint.
Party Colored hair spray is No substitute for a wig. Bad hair can throw off your hard work and money.
Video Games
This is

Cardboard is a base material… Everyone still knows its cardboard unless you paint it, or cover it with something.
Rule 2:
Rule 3:
Rule 4:
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